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Devotional Books for Kids

Devotional Books for Kids

You read devotional books and you love them. You gift them. You stack them on your bedside tables. They give you something Jesus-oriented to chew on every day and start you off in the right direction. But, have your kids started the devotional yet? They'll love having their own devo book to read every day!

We've gathered a dozen fantastic options to choose from. Enjoy!

Devotions for Kids

Toddler & preschool

Jesus Calling for Little Ones 

Jesus Calling is written as if Jesus is talking straight to your little one. 

devotions for kids

The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional 

From the bestselling children’s book series ever, this devotional book helps children build a foundation of faith. Includes scripture, a story, and prayers that rhyme.

devotional books for kids

Devotions for Kids Ages 4-8

I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids 

Memorize a Bible verse every week with your kids! This is a great devotional book for family devotional and prayer time. Memorize scriptures together and put God’s Word deep in your heart.

devotional books for toddlers

Devotionals for Kids Ages 6-10

You Can Count on God

Max Lucado’s devo has encouraged adults and now there’s one for the kids, too! Max offers nuggets of wisdom, Bible verses, and reflection questions.

devotional books for kids

Roar Like a Lion

Pastor Levi Lusko teaches kids to face their fears in this 90-day devotional.

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Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

Designed for kids but just as lovely for adults, this devotional by Sally Lloyd-Jones is illustrated by Jago. You’ll be inspired by God’s love for us and salvation purchased by Jesus. 

devotions for kids

Jesus Always 

Just like Jesus Calling, Jesus Always is written as if Jesus is talking straight to you. It includes Bible verses …

devotional books for kids

Grace for the Moment 

Perfect for family reading and Bible study, this devotional...

devotional books for kids

Devotionals Books for Kids Ages 6-12

Jesus Calling Girls’ Edition & Jesus Calling Boy’s Edition

For children and tweens. Jesus Calling is one of the most loved and read devotional books of all time.

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Devotional Books for Tweens

Ages 8-12


What does the Old Testament say about Jesus? This devotional shares Scripture, explanations to age-old questions, and prayers.

devotionals books for tweens

100 Devotions for Kids Dealing with Anxiety 

Author and counselor Justine Froelker knows that being a kid these days is complicated. This devotional helps pre-teens face the issues in their lives empowered by the Bible, as well as tools, tricks, and tips for every day.

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Devotionals for Tweens & Teens

May the Faith Be with You

For Star Wars and sci-fi fans! Yes, the force is with you because the Holy Spirit resides in you! Readers are exhorted to grow in their faith, rely on Jesus, and overcome the dark side which comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

devotions for teens

Live on Purpose 

Teenage girls will love learning to love Jesus with Sadie Robertson Huff. Like the big sister we didn’t know we needed, she guides readers to their best life with Jesus at the helm and rich with prayer

devotions for teens