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God’s Blessings Just For You: Praying Scripture

God’s Blessings Just For You: Praying Scripture

The Written Word of God

God’s Word truly is life-giving, guiding us through the years on this earth and preparing us for eternity. Its divine message is timeless, relevant through the generations and across cultures. Its ancient wisdom speaks even to contemporary readers.

The Bible fuels our growth as believers. Its four biographies of Jesus — the Gospels — enable us to know Him better. This holy Book also paints real-life portraits of imperfect people who love God and whom God loves — and what an encouragement this is for us twenty-first-century imperfect people!

What a blessing that God not only gave us the Living Word — His Son — but He gave us His written Word as well. May we never take for granted the access we have to His truth set forth in Scripture, for His truth gives light and understanding.

May we show our appreciation of God’s Word — and our love for its Author — by spending time each day reading our Bible, listening for God’s voice, and responding with obedience.


Only One Source of Hope

Manmade systems of government and education, the economy, cultural norms, society’s values, family members, a spouse, children, friends, neighbors — all of these can, at one time or another, steer us wrong or let us down. In other words, none of these — some of which are precious blessings — offer us solid hope for life. In fact, we can go only one place for the blessed gift of genuine, unshakable hope, and that place is the feet of Jesus. The truth and the hope we find in the pages of Scripture help us get there.

Imagine serving a God who offered no hope for either the present or the eternal future. Our God, however, is “the God of hope” who blesses us “with all joy and peace in believing.” God also gives us the blessing of His Spirit who enables us to “abound in hope” (Romans 15:13).

Truly, the only real hope we have is in the God of the Bible.


Praying Scripture

God speaks to us through the Bible. That’s why slowing down both to meditate on what we read and to pray to God the words He Himself has given us will help us know Him better and more easily recognize His voice.

Also, did you notice that David reminded God of His promised “goodness to Your servant”? David understood that by praying according to God’s promises, he aligned himself with God’s will. We can do the same today: we can pray God’s promises back to God.

Fervently and fruitfully, David also pursued the godly endeavor of meditating on God’s Word. He wrote many of the psalms we cherish today after quietly waiting on the Lord and listening for His voice until he heard it.

In our overscheduled lives, we find it difficult to slow down, read a Bible passage, and listen for what God may be saying to us. With so many responsibilities, commitments, and people clamoring for attention, who can make time for prayer and meditation? You and I can — and I hope we will.

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised; He is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are idols, But the Lord made the heavens. Honor and majesty are before Him; Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary. — Psalm 96:4-6

Excerpted with permission from God’s Blessings Just for You by Jack Countryman, copyright Jack Countryman.

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Your Turn

Daily reading of scripture is a great and important way to draw near to God. What scripture are you meditating on these days? Have you thought about praying them back to God? Come share on our blog!