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Judgment Is God's Job

Judgment Is God's Job

Wait for the LORD, and He will make things right. — Proverbs 20:22

Some of you are in the courtroom. The courtroom of complaint. Some of you are rehashing the same hurt every chance you get with anyone who will listen.

For you, I have this question: Who made you God? I don’t mean to be cocky, but why are you doing His work for Him?

‘Vengeance is Mine,’ God declared. ‘I will repay’. — Hebrews 10:30

Judgment is God’s job. To assume otherwise is to assume God can’t do it.

Revenge is irreverent. To forgive someone is to display reverence. Forgiveness is not saying the one who hurt you was right. Forgiveness is stating that God is faithful and He will do what is right.

~ When God Whispers Your Name

Do you find yourself “doing God’s work for Him”? In other words, do you find yourself judging others? Why is this a waste of time?

Choose Love

Those who live in love live in God. — 1 John 4:16

From the file entitled “It Ain’t Gonna Happen,” I pull and pose this suggestion. Let’s make Christ’s command a federal law. Everyone has to make God’s love his or her home. Let it herewith be stated and hereby declared:

No person may walk out into the world to begin the day until he or she has stood beneath the cross to receive God’s love.

Cabbies. Presidents. Preachers. Tooth pullers and truck drivers. All required to linger at the fountain of His favor until all thirst is gone.

Don’t you ache for the change we’d see? Less honking and locking horns, more hugging and helping kids. We’d pass fewer judgments and more compliments. Forgiveness would skyrocket.

Wild idea? I agree. God’s love can’t be legislated, but it can be chosen. Choose it, won’t you? For Christ’s sake, and yours, choose it.

~ Come Thirsty

Have you chosen to stand at the foot of the cross to receive God’s love? How has this affected your life?

Excerpted with permission from Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado, copyright Thomas Nelson.

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Your Turn

Come share your answers to the questions Max posed on our blog! We want to hear from you about doing God’s work for Him in judgment and also about receiving God’s love before we walk out into the world. ~ Devotionals Daily