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How to Plan the Perfect Party

Faithgirlz Best Party Book Ever 9780310746003

Party planning doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, and it doesn’t have to be just “mom’s job.” It can be fun and adventurous and something your kids can even get involved in. I love hosting birthday parties, dinner parties, product review parties, root beer parties, any kind of parties. I will admit though that I’m not the best party planner. I leave details to the last minute and then feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I procrastinate because in my mind, the planning always feel like the biggest hassle.

I’m going to take a new approach that I learned from the book Faithgirlz Best Party Book Ever:

Life is a gift and it should be celebrated!

Simplicity is a great place to start… along with a little organization, sparkles and fun. Faithgirlz Best Party Book Ever, written in partnership with Girls’ Life magazine, is full of pinnable party ideas and great themes for parties for younger girls and tweens – from holiday parties to secret garden soirees, cookie bake-offs for a cause to “glamping” slumber parties.

This great resource offers creative ideas for 15 different types of parties, and everything you or your daughter needs to know to plan them out. Invitations can be really cute and the Faithgirlz Best Party Book Ever shows you just how easy it is to make really amazing invitations. I think my favorite example in the book was the Pom Pom Party themed invites.

I never really considered this before but the next time I go camping with my family we’re going to have a “glamping party” with homemade pink marshmallows (the recipe is in the book), cute decorations including a teepee (instructions also in the book) and a quilt project that I just fell in love with. By using this quilt project mentioned in the book, you’ll have memories from the event that you can cuddle with forever.

That’s another thing I really took away from Faithgirlz Best Party Book Ever…

While celebrating life, collect the memories.

Every day is a celebration and with these four easy steps you can make every day a party.

  • Dish it up – create a special dish for an everyday occasion
  • Dial it up – put on some great music
  • Turn it on – it’s ok to have a family movie night
  • Break it out – get out that project you just can’t finish and have a girls’ night finishing it.

To have the perfect party just be you. Use your gifts, have fun and make memories with those you love.

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Your Turn

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons for fun parties with family, kids, neighbors, church groups, and more! BBQs, pool parties, parties that include activities like hiking, camping, fun in the great outdoors, beach parties! Party planning, though, might be a little overwhelming without some fun ideas and inspiration, and a little help. Do you get your kids involved in their party planning? Leave a comment on our blog! We’d love to hear from you!