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Easter Bible Studies: Our Top 3 Studies for Easter

Easter Bible Studies: Our Top 3 Studies for Easter

Our Top 3 Easter Bible Studies

Jesus’ resurrection is the most epic miracle since the beginning of time. Are you in need of some fresh awe? If you’re feeling a lack of passion for Passion Week, here are three Easter Bible Studies that you can watch on Study Gateway. They are phenomenal studies for getting zeroed in on Jesus and the wonder of the story of Easter as we prepare to celebrate “He Is Risen!” Watch these on your own, or gather your friends, family, or small group, and view them in the weeks leading up to Easter!

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Easter Bible Studies #1 – Death and Resurrection of the Messiah by Ray Vander Laan

In the Death and Resurrection of the Messiah study, Ray Vander Laan takes you on a journey to the Holy Land — from the Sea of Galilee, to Caesarea Philippi, to the Mount of Olives, to Gethsemane. As he traces Jesus’ steps in this ten-session study (part of the That the World May Know series), Ray shares his vast knowledge of Israel’s culture, history, geography, and Jewish social customs in a beautiful story-telling way that will give you new insights into His life… and His death and resurrection… and how those profound, historical, world-rocking events can affect your life today.

Lessons include:

• When Storms Come – Sea of Galilee
• Piercing the Darkness – Kursi
• Gates of Hell– Caesarea Philippi
• City of the Great King Part 1 – The Temple
• City of the Great King Part 1 – Jerusalem
• The Lamb of God – Mount of Olives
• The Weight of the World – Capernaum/Gethsemane
• Roll Away the Stone – Garden Tomb
• Power to the People – Southern Stairs
• Total Commitment – Caesarea 2.

Easter Bible Studies #2 – The Story of Jesus by Randy Frazee

The Story of Jesus videos are from the The Story Curriculum, which many people do as a year-long study and as a companion to the bestselling book, The Story. If you are looking for just 3 sessions to focus on before Easter, we recommend these:

Session 5: The Hour of Darkness (duration: 12 minutes)
Session 6: The Resurrection (duration: 12 minutes)
Session 7: New Beginnings (duration: 11:21 minutes)

Watch a preview:

Sessions include:

  1. The Birth of the King
  2. Jesus’ Ministry Begins
  3. No Ordinary Man
  4. Jesus, the Son of God
  5. The Hour of Darkness
  6. The Resurrection
  7. New Beginnings

Easter Bible Studies #3 – He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado

From Creation to today, God has showered us with His love. The crowning act of His love, of course, was the gift of the Cross. Who would have imagined that a crude instrument of execution would be so dearly treasured for thousands of years afterward? But, who also could have imagined the depths of Jesus’ love for His people expressed in His sacrifice? In this five-session study, Max Lucado dives deep into the gifts of the Cross — the thorns, the nails, the robe, the empty tomb. There isn’t a part of Jesus’ journey through hell to His resurrection that isn’t miraculous and an unfathomable gift… of love… just for you!

Watch a preview:

Sessions include:

  • He Chose to Be One of Us
  • He Chose to Forgive Us
  • He Chose to Invite Us into His Presence
  • He Chose to Love Us Forever
  • He Chose to Give Us Victory

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