52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol

Gold Medallion Award-winner Bob Welch crafts 52 nuggets of Bible-based wisdom from one of the most popular novels of all time, A Christmas Carol.

From the miserliness of Scrooge to the innocence of Tiny Tim, 52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol will inspire readers to live for what really matters, not only at Christmas, but all year long. This book is a timeless classic you'll pull off your self year after year! It's perfect for gifting to a loved one or just the Christmas touch you'll want on your own coffee table.

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Join author Bob Welch for a close-up of the characters and themes that shape this beautiful story.

You’ll be reminded that life’s most important work is often the work we never planned to do and that God can use the most unlikely among us to get the job done.

Now only $9.99!

*Limited Quantity Available


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Good Tidings for Christmas Bundle

There’s no better way to get in the true Christmas spirit than to immerse yourself in the story of His coming.

The Good Tidings for Christmas bundle will help you do just that! This exclusive bundle let's you read through the entire Christmas Story during Advent and then spend time and reflect on what you've read through the soothing experience of coloring!

What's included in this bundle:

Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Complete Story of Christmas from the New King James Version, with removeable stand-up Advent calendar.

Good Tidings at Christmas: An Inspirational Coloring Book for Stress Relief and Creativity