Introducing the NET - New English Translation

A Whole New Translation

The NET is the newest complete translation of the original biblical languages into English. More than 25 of the world’s foremost biblical scholars gathered around the vision of creating an English Bible translation that could overcome old challenges and boldly open the door for new possibilities.

See the Forest and the Trees

The NET’s uniquely transparent, accountable translation process has been crystalized in the most extensive set of Bible translators’ notes ever created. More than 60,000 notes highlight every major decision, outline alternative views, and explain difficult or nontraditional renderings.

No Need to Compromise

The NET overcomes one of the biggest challenges facing any Bible translation: the tension between accuracy and readability. Because of the extensive translators’ notes, the NET never has to compromise. With its balanced, easy-to-understand English text paired with translators’ notes, the NET ensures you can forever leave behind the choice between “readable” and “accurate.”

Ever feel lost in translation?

With the NET Full-notes Edition of the Holy Bible, you don’t need to be. Modern readers can find it challenging to connect with the ancient words and cultural contexts of the biblical writers. The NET offers a completely new solution: pairing a readable, everyday English translation with the largest set of translators’ notes ever created for a Bible. The NET’s 60,000 notes bring complete transparency to every major translation decision and invite you to look over the translators’ shoulders, allowing you to come to your own understanding of the Scriptures. It is an indispensable resource for every Bible reader.

"The translation is clear, accurate, and powerful. And the notes, those wonderful notes! They bring to the layman scholarly insights and discussions that have up till now been accessible only to those trained in the biblical languages. If you are serious about studying Scripture, get a copy of the NET Bible."

Chuck Swindoll, Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary

"It is a rare day of study that I don't consult my NET Bible. I love it not only for the enjoyment of the translation, but for the scholars' notes. They have proved invaluable to me in preparing countless lessons. I keep a copy on my desk and another goes with me everywhere I travel through my Bible software."

Beth Moore, Founder, Living Proof Ministries

"The complaint I hear from many Christians is that some of the translations of the Bible are too wooden. They are grammatically correct, but don’t seem to convey the passion of the writer. On the flip side, some paraphrases and translations convey the passion of the writer at the cost of an accurate translation. The NET Bible is the best of both worlds. The notes are helpful to the scholar and the lay person alike. This is the Bible for the next millennium."

Tony Evans, Senior Pastor,
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Dallas, TX

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More ways to experience the NET Bible translation...

The NET Bible text alone, apart from the notes, is beautifully balanced and reliable.
Take it with you via powerful study Bibles, spacious journaling editions or easy-to-carry thinline versions.

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NET Journal Editions

The NET Bible Journal Edition equips you to put more into your time with the Bible. With its extra-wide margins and thick paper, this Bible is perfect for journaling your reactions and insights, writing your prayers, listing your questions, and more.

NET Thinline Bibles

Easy to carry and thin enough to tuck into a backpack, briefcase, or purse, the portable edition of the Holy Bible remains exceptionally readable, thanks to Thomas Nelson’s exclusive NET Comfort Print typeface.