Praying the Scriptures

Learn to Pray with Scriptures

Learn to Pray with Scriptures

This bestselling book series by Jodie Berndt teaches you how and what to pray for others and yourself, by praying God’s Word back to Him. Shop now to save over 45% on the entire collection.

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If you’re joining us for 31 Days of Prayer, grab a copy of the book and follow along! All of the daily prayers in the calendar correspond with the 31 days of devotions in Praying the Scriptures for Your Life with expanded readings, reflections, and learning.

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Jodie Berndt
Praying the Scriptures for Your Life

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Why Pray With Scripture?

“Engaging the Bible and praying are the primary methods for developing a deepening relationship with God. While many tend to think of prayer and Bible reading as separate spiritual practices (e.g., first pray, then read the Bible), they can be even more powerful when combined into one practice of “praying Scripture.”

Here are a few tips on how you can get started praying Scripture:

• Select a passage that is meaningful to you and that you feel speaks truth into your life. A psalm is a great place to start this practice (e.g., if you want to pray a prayer of praise to God, try Psalm 100).
• Take a moment to ask God to bless your time in Scripture, to keep you focused, and to help you pray his Word.
• Start reading through your passage slowly, meditating on each word and verse.
• As you finish a sentence or a verse, stop and turn your thoughts into a prayer. Bring the ideas or truths of the passage into a conversation with God.
• Use the words of the Bible to guide prayers of worship, confession, thanksgiving, and petition for yourself and others.

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