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Untangle Your Emotions

Discover How God Made You to Feel

What does the Bible tell us about our emotions?

Does the Bible really tell us that our emotions are untrustworthy? God made us to feel our emotions, to examine and share them—not manage or suppress them. We can learn what it means to live emotionally-healthy lives from studying Jesus’ life and how He cared for and responded to the people around Him.

Join Jennie Allen for the Untangle Your Emotions Bible Study as she helps you discover that emotions that are submitted to God and used for the purposes God intends connect us to each other and to Him.

This six-session study will equip you to:
•   Be encouraged through the examples of emotion in Scripture by God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
•   Identify the unhealthy ways you might be coping with emotions.
•   Learn a biblical step-by-step method to help you process, name, and notice what you are feeling.
•   Move from apathetic to articulate when it comes to sharing what you feel.