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12 Fun Summer Rainy Day Activities

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We expect to be secluded in our homes during the winter months, but not during the summer! Yet there will inevitably be summer days when it is either too hot or too wet to spend time outside. Here are 12 fun summer rainy day activities you might like to try with your kids on days when you need to spend time indoors.

12 Summer Rainy Day Activities for Kids

1. Indoor scavenger hunt
Print some pictures off the Internet or make a list of things in your home. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt to find those items, and if you want to make it a productive adventure, include a few missing toy pieces that have disappeared recently!

2. Bake something
Bake some cookies together and then spread some random acts of kindness by taking them to a neighbor. Get the kids involved by teaching them how to search for a recipe on the Internet or Pinterest and try something new as a family.

3. Camp out
Pull out some sleeping bags, flashlights and pretend you are on a campout! Some of the best childhood memories are from tent and fort-building with old sheets draped over furniture. Once your camp is assembled, gather some favorite chapter books and read them aloud to one another in the dark by flashlight.

4. Movie theater charades
Pop some popcorn and have your kids take turns pretending they are in a movie. In this version of charades have your kids guess which movie they are acting out.

5. Tea party
Tea parties aren’t just for girls, and they don’t have to be fancy! Tea parties can be imaginative (with pretend friends and stuffed animals), Japanese-themed (wearing bathrobe kimonos while sitting on the floor), or designed as an etiquette lesson to work on manners. Whether you use the good china or plastic pretend tea cups, kids will enjoy the tea party even more with real food: crackers, cheese, fruit and other small finger foods are part of the fun!

6. Alphabet body letters
Have your children work together to form the letters of the alphabet on the floor. This is a great way to get those bodies moving while indoors and helps them stretch and improve balance!

7. DIY bowling alley
Bowling can be an expensive outing after you calculate lane time and shoe rentals! Try DIY bowling at home as an alternative. Wash out some milk cartons, then grab some toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Rolled up socks or soft balls can become your bowling balls as you and the kiddos compete individually or on teams!

8. Write letters
Teach your children the long-lost art of snail mail, while also keeping up their handwriting skills on summer break. Talk about the people in your life that need some encouragement and sit down and write them letters (if you have preschoolers they can draw a picture).

9. Pretend you are on a God’s creation picnic
Grab some paper plates and napkins, throw a blanket on the floor, and pretend you are having a picnic. Imagine you are out in the wilderness or on a jungle safari picnic and talk about God’s creation around you and what animals you see.

10. Play dough
When all else fails, pull out the play dough! Play dough is great for building fine motor skills and even older kids can enjoy it again if they work on sculptures and modeling.

11. Dance and sing
Put on some good music and dance and sing! Our family favorite is the CD that came with this Devotional, 100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs. It’s great music with a great message!

12. Take a swim in the bathtub
Can’t swim at the pool? Grab some goggles and toys and go for a swim in the bathtub!

Finding alternatives to movies and video games on summer rainy days takes a bit more effort, but there are so many creative ideas once you use your imagination! Kids get bored, but so do parents! Learn to engage them and soon you will see sparks of creativity within their growing minds.

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Your Turn

Rainy summer days don’t have to mean gloomy summer days. How do you keep your kids engaged and entertained when they need to stay inside? Leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your ideas!