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14 Ways to Celebrate Summer (It's Not Over Yet)

Children feet in green grass

Last time I checked my calendar, summer does not officially end until September 21! There’s still one month left to enjoy carefree days and lazy afternoons outside–even if just on the weekends! Here are a few ways we’re going to finish our summer and celebrate on a high note.

14 Ways to Celebrate Summer

  1. Make a summer 2013 time capsule. I found some free time capsule printables from last year, but they’ll still work. Make a new cover page, fill in the rest of the pages, and hide this until 2018 or 2023.
  2. Make a summer 2013 scrapbook. Open up your digital photo program and choose a photo or two from every week of the summer. Upload them all to a photo book printer and order a copy!
  3. Make garden stones. I’m sure you’ve seen the kits to make concrete stepping stones for your garden. You don’t necessarily need a kit; you can do the same thing with a bag of concrete from the hardware store. Decorate with gems from the dollar store, real leaves, and your kids’ handprints.
  4. Have a picnic. Pack a picnic lunch and a nice, thick blanket. Read a book together. Push your kids on the swings. Pack a cooler full of water balloons and play catch in the sunshine.
  5. Enjoy a summer night. Wait until it’s dark and go outside with your dessert and a thick blanket. Enjoy to the night sounds. Do a little stargazing and find some constellations. If you bring a book and a flashlight, you can have a bedtime story outside as well.
  6. Camp in your backyard. Set up a tent and sleep in sleeping bags. Build a campfire to roast weenies and marshmallows.
  7. Go on an adventure. In The Blessings Jar, Punky Grace goes on a blessings adventure with her grandmother. Take your kids on a similar adventure, to remember the blessings God has given them or to remember their fun summer.
  8. Throw a Farewell to Summer party. What better way to celebrate summer than throw a big party? Drink lemonade, eat popsicles (even better if you made them yourself!), and play in the sprinkler.
  9. Hit the beach. Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. Pack up your umbrella and some towels and enjoy the sand and surf!
  10. Make an outdoor obstacle course. Use pool noodles, hula hoops, trees, whatever you have on hand. Simple Kids had great suggestions for setting this up.
  11. See a baseball game. Eat dinner at the ball field. Do the seventh inning stretch. Dance when they play music.
  12. Find a new playground or park. Hunt around your area for a hidden gem. In Pennsylvania (where I live), we have state parks, county parks, and local parks, and all of them have nice playgrounds.
  13. Create a treasure hunt in your backyard. Write clues for your kids leading them to locations all around the house and yard. Hide something fun at the end, like gold coins or popsicles.
  14. Do something educational. Get your kids ready for the impending school year by taking them somewhere fun and educational like a children’s museum, science museum, zoo, or factory tour.

Your Turn

How will you celebrate summer ‘s end? You still have 30 days to enjoy before fall officially begins!