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3 Video Bible Studies from Rick Warren

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1. What on Earth Am I Here For?

Lead your groups in an experience that will answer the most fundamental question everyone faces in life – What on Earth Am I Here For? The understanding of our unique purpose depends on how we answer this question. The What on Earth Am I Here For? small group study is an all-new 6 session video & workbook teaching from Pastor Rick Warren. Inspired by the original Purpose Driven Life small group study, this all-new curriculum is designed to unite and ignite your small group.

2. Everything is Possible with God

This six-week study looks at your faith. Would you like your faith to be stronger? Your faith is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised and developed. And God uses a predictable pattern and process to build your faith. It’s what Pastor Rick calls the Six Phases of Faith. Once you understand these six phases, you can cooperate with God in the process of strengthening your faith and building your character. Click here to watch the first full session for free on YouTube.

3. God’s Answers to Life’s Difficult Questions

How can you cope with stress? Rebound from failure? Defeat depression? Have peace of mind? Life’s difficult questions have answers. Answers from the Bible can change your outlook and your life. Rick Warren takes you to the Bible for answers to twelve of life’s toughest questions. Drawing from the examples of different biblical characters who faced the same issues, Warren offers concise, practical insights you can understand and apply in order to move past hardships and experience a life of purpose and significance. Let Rick Warren take you inside the Scriptures to see what they reveal about twelve of the most pressing questions people ask.

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