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3 Bible Studies on Old Testament Characters

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Many people try to avoid the Old Testament, maybe unintentionally, feeling that the New Testament is more applicable and relevant to our modern lives. Paul’s teaching on the fruit of the Spirit is much easier to apply to life than David refusing to kill Saul and cutting only a corner of his cloak. We can stomach Jesus’ teaching on forgiving people and loving enemies much more than the Israelites totally wiping out their enemies in the conquest of the promised land. However, Jesus tells two of his followers in Luke 24.27 that all the Old Testament is about him, so there are things we can learn from those stories and characters that teach us about Jesus. The Bible is one cohesive story, not 2 parts, the latter of which makes the former irrelevant.

We have 3 studies based on Old Testament characters – Joseph, David, and Abraham – that are great Bible studies not only helping you understand the characters themselves, but also lessons about how to be more like Jesus.

Joseph: Waiting on God’s Timing, Living in God’s Plan

by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Many of us have unfulfilled dreams in our life. How do we live as we wait for those dreams to come true? Joseph also had big dreams. In looking at his story in the Bible, you and your group will not only learn how to wait patiently on the Lord for his timing, but also how to remain faithful during the in-between time. This six-session video-based Bible study delves into the life of Joseph the ultimate dreamer and gives participants insights into the power of their choices as they wait on God to turn dreams into reality! Watch the trailer below and click here to watch the first session.

Chase: Chasing after the Heart of God

by Jennie Allen

David was not remarkable apart from God. God moved around him and through him in the most powerful stories. But something about the way David saw God transformed the way he lived. He saw God differently than everyone else around him. He loved God and he live like he loved God. In Chase, participants study the qualities David possessed as a result of what he believed about God. In eight powerful teaching sessions, Jennie Allen helps participants see that the only thing we can chase that won’t leave us empty is God. Watch the trailer below and click here to watch a free full session.

The Magnificent Obsession: Embracing the God-Filled Life

by Anne Graham Lotz

The person who has motivated Anne Graham Lotz to pursue a God-filled life is Abraham. Abraham was a very ordinary man who became ordinary for one primary reason: he made the critical choice to embrace a God-filled life, to pursue knowing God and making him known through a life of obedient faith. Abraham made choice after choice until he forged an intimate relationship with God that even God acknowledged as a friendship. Join Anne in this seven-session video-based study and learn to know God as Abraham did – as a friend. Watch the trailer below and click here to watch a free full session.

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