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3 Bible Studies on Jesus

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Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. It seems most people are interested in knowing more about him whether they believe he is the son of God or not. Small group leaders, here are 3 studies on Jesus that you and your small group might want to check out.

1. Who Is This Man by John Ortberg

Whatever you know or think you know about Jesus, this study invites you to take steps to know him better. Rearrange your life if you have to. Getting to know any person well is a wonderful thing. Getting to know Jesus better is immensely rewarding – and almost always life-changing. Who Is This Man is a challenging study. It’s about what matters most in life and history, and how deeply those things are connected to our everyday lives. The aim of this small group study is that groups come to know Jesus not only much better, but also that your hearts will beat faster with joy, gratitude, and awe that such a life got lived in this world. And in the process, we hope you will discover in Jesus a deeper understanding of the possibilities and significance of your own life. Click here to watch the first full session for free on YouTube.

2. The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey helps you and your group engage in a six-session study that is bound to change your perception of who Jesus is. Each week your group will see sveral film depictions of Jesus, his life, and his ministry. After reacting to the film clips you will turn to the Gospel accounts of these same scenes and discuss what you believe really happened For those who have been raised in the church and have known Jesus all of their lives , and for those who are meeting Jesus for the first time, Yancey challenges us to think about this man as the Bible presents him. We hope this small group Bible study will help you discover the Jesus you never knew!

3. Jesus Is______. by Judah Smith

Who is Jesus to you? Your answer will affect how you make day-to-day decisions, how you face challenges and failures, how you love people, and how you relate to God. The goal of this small group study is to help you fill in that blank by looking at what the Bible says about who Jesus is. Our prayer is that Jesus will become the focus of your spiritual journey. Jesus is waiting to show you more about his love, his grace, and his goodness. Jesus is a new way to live, and you and your group will love the journey ahead.

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Have you participated in any of the above Bible studies about Jesus? What did you think? Do you have any other favorite Bible studies on Jesus to recommend to our readers? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!