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3 Studies on Prayer

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There are many mysteries in the Christian faith, and prayer is one that I know many people have a hard time grasping. There are many questions on the hows, whys, whats, and whens of prayer. With all that (and more) in mind, here are 3 studies on prayer that you and your small group might want to check out.

1. When God’s People Pray by Jim Cymbala

Our God loves us deeply and longs to be in a relationship in which we receive the spiritual and physical blessings he wants to give us. We, as individuals and as churches, suffer great loss when we fail to ask God for these blessings. These blessings can change our lives, invigorate our churches, transform our communities, and even alter the course of history! Best of all, they are available to every believer and every church if we will only pray for them in faith and obedience. The aim of this small group study is to help God’s people discover prayer as our lifeline to him – our source of strength and abundant blessing.

2. Prayer by Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey helps you and your group explore and experience the very heartbeat of our relationship with God: prayer. What is prayer? How does it work? And more importantly, does it work? ”Prayer is the act of seeing reality for God’s point of view,” says Yancey. Filmed in different locations in the Rocky Mountains, Prayer takes you to the mysterious intersection where God and humans meet and relate. The goal of this study is to help you and your group more fully consider, experience, and cherish the priceless gift of prayer. The best part is, you’ll be encouraged to pray the way Jesus himself prayer – as if your prayers make a difference, as if God is there and listening…to you.

3. Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels

25 years ago, Bill Hybels wrote a book entitled Too Busy Not to Pray. It has become a classic on prayer, helping Christians all over the world slow down and draw near to God. The main idea for the Too Busy Not to Pray: you and your small group can become people of prayer. Even if you’ve never prayed before. Even if you’re in a prayerless place yourself. You can learn to pray. To be a person of prayer, all you have to do is decide. Decide that prayer matters. Decide that your prayer matters. Decide that there really is a God who is waiting to hear from you – wants to hear from you. And then slow down, look up, and pray.

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