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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Start of Summer

No place like holmes

It’s that time of year again!

We’re excited to see flowers blooming and leaves on the trees. The sun is so bright and we can’t get enough of being outside.

It’s almost summer and it’s time to celebrate!

Over the years, my family has discovered a number of ways to kick-off this season, but today I’m sharing some of our favorites with you.

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Start of Summer

1. Make a Summer Bucket List: At the beginning of every summer break, we make a list of things we want to accomplish and take part in during the summer. We’ve made this list on a white board, chalk board, or on poster board as we’re doing again this year. After each outing or event, we’ll checkmark or cross it off the list. By the end of the summer, you should have a completed list and have enjoyed a summer of fun together!

Some of the things on our list in the past have been: go to the beach, camp in the backyard, enjoy a water play day at home, eat ice cream for dinner, play a game of hide and seek in the dark outside, catch fireflies, etc.

Be creative; the sky’s the limit. You can discover more ideas on our Bucket List HERE.

2. Stock Up on Summer Reading Material: Of course, we also love taking the lazy days of summer to dig into books!

There are a ton of great Tommy Nelson resources to choose from, but I’m often asked about age-appropriate titles for tweens; It can be difficult as a parent of a 7-12 year old to find something that’s not a “baby book” but doesn’t introduce them to inappropriate content.

Two titles I highly recommend are No Place Like Holmes (the first in a great series and especially great for boys) and In Front of God and Everybody (especially great for girls).

In No Place Like Holmes, Griffin is sent for a summer visit with his detective uncle at 221A Baker Street thinking his uncle must be Sherlock Holmes. But Sherlock Holmes lives next door at 221B Baker Street! When Griffin meets a woman who claims that her husband was eaten by the famous Lock Ness Monster, he and his uncle team up to help her. Along the way, Griffin shows his uncle just what it means to have true faith in God, even when the case challenges that.

Watch the Video for “No Place Like Holmes”

In In Front of God and Everybody, girls will love reading the true confessions of April Grace! She has a a sister obsessed with being glamorous, a grandma who is just now discovering make-up, friends who are hygene-impaired, and frustrating new neighbors from the city. April Grace is hilarious and the situations she finds herself in are absolutely loony! Your girls will laugh and cry along with April Grace as she learns about the love of God.

These books are sure to captivate your tween readers while keeping you confident as a parent that they’re spending time reading books that are wholesome and entertaining.

Watch the Video for “In Front of God and Everybody”

3. Paint Slip N Slide: “Slide” into summer in color! It’s super easy (and cheap) and your kids will love you for it. Create a slip n slide in your backyard or somewhere with a slope. Put a pretty big piece of heavy plastic or several plastic tablecloth’s from Walmart or the dollar store down on the ground. Place gallon buckets, bricks, or something heavy on top of them to keep the plastic or tablecloth down. Then spread paint all over the plastic/tablecloth. Make sure everyone wears white clothes and have a blast slipping and sliding! Hang the clothes out to dry and you’ll be able to enjoy wearing the memory of that fun time together all summer long!

4. Make Gummy Bear Popsicles: It’s not summer until you have a popsicle, right? Why not make them yourself with gummy bears? All you need are popsicle molds, sprite, popsicle sticks, and gummy bears. Fill the molds with gummy bears and sprite and place the popsicle sticks in the molds. Put in freezer until completely frozen. Your kids will LOVE this treat!

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Your Turn

What book do you like to enjoy with your kids during summer break? We’d love to hear how you celebrate the start of summer with your kids!