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4 Resources for Biblical Teaching at Home

4 Resources for Biblical Teaching at Home

I know a lot of families that home school their kids and I suddenly find myself considering home schooling my own. But even if I decide to keep them in public school it would be nice to find another way to enhance their Bible story knowledge at home in a way that is fun and historical for them.

I was recently introduced to the “Get To Know” book series by Nancy Sanders and I really like how the information about each Bible character is presented. Nancy has a background in writing about historical characters and she does a great job engaging the reader with books.

The “Get To Know” book series read like history books. Each book has 4 color maps and lots of photos. The photos are of historical places and artifacts and there are word banks for key words the kids need to learn. There is also a legend broken into a shoe, for the Bible hero, an eye for the eyewitness account, a jar for the “Did You Know” section, a scroll for the word banks at the bottom of almost every page, and an oil lamp for the scripture references. So, there are so many different ways you can point out different things for your children to learn historically and biblically.

My daughter quickly gravitated towards the Get To Know Mary book. We all know the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. We have an idea of where she lived, but the “Get to Know” series really delves into how life was lived, the location of where she lived with the maps and what was going on historically. My daughter is just starting to understand what a government is and since this book goes into describing the Roman Empire I feel these are books we can look at and continue to learn from for a few years to come. We also talked about the kind of money that was used when Mary was alive, how when she was at the market she had to make sure that she got what she paid for, and the way that the crops were carefully measured. This particular book has quite a few vocabulary words in the word banks.

I’m really impressed with these books because each one can be used in so many different ways. They are an excellent presentation of history. We also looked at Get to Know Paul: An Unlikely Hero, Get to Know Jesus: God, Man and Savior, and Get to Know King David.

My son’s favorite was Get to Know King David. There’s something fun to a six year old boy to learn about a King and David has quite the story of drama and intrigue with battles and murder. Maybe one of the best parts of David’s story is that he starts off as a young boy killing a giant. The pictures and historical details really take you deeper into the story of each of these characters. Plus Miles really got a kick out of seeing the pictures of the weapons.

I really recommend these books as a way to teach history to home school families but also to families that want to supplement their kids’ education with biblical teaching at home.

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Your Turn

How do you incorporate biblical teaching at home, whether you homeschool or your kids are in a traditional school setting? How do you teach your kids Bible stories and history?