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How to Start Conversations About Jesus with Kids

How to Start Conversations About Jesus with Kids

Conversations about Jesus: Get Inspired

Conversations about Jesus are important to have when you’re children are growing up and starting to understand their faith. Even though my daughters are 6 and almost 10, we got a copy of the adorable board book My Jesus Bible a few weeks ago, and we have been reading through it together. The text is simple and easy for even the littlest ones to understand, but the lessons are appropriate even for much older kids. There are plenty of stories and examples throughout the book that can help start a conversation about Jesus with your kids. Here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. Jesus was tempted.

    Jesus knows what it’s like to be tempted. The book shares how Jesus was in the desert for forty days, and He was hungry and tempted by Satan. This is the perfect starting point for a discussion with our kids about what it feels like to be tempted — to hit your sister, to steal, to lie, even just to stretch the truth or use unkind words — and how Jesus can help us because he knows what it feels like. In the book, He tells Satan, “I will not do what you say. I will only do what God says.” We can use this as the perfect opportunity to talk with our kids about what God says in the situations listed above. Go to your children’s Bible, and look up what Jesus said about hitting, stealing, lying, being unkind.

  2. Through the roof to Jesus.

    You undoubtedly know the story of the four men who carried their crippled friend to see Jesus only to be blocked out by the crowd. They climbed up on the roof, cut out a hole, and lowered their friend down through the roof to be close to the Messiah. This story is recounted in the My Jesus Bible book, and it is a great example of how Jesus can do the impossible. It’s also a good example of how to help a friend and how to tell people about the power of our Mighty God.

  3. The children and Jesus.

    Remember when the disciples told the children to get away from Jesus? In the book, Jesus says “Bring the little ones to Me. Do not send them away, because these children truly belong to Me. Be like this, children – full of trust. Children are very important in My kingdom.” So often our kids feel like they’re pushed to the side. Even the best-meaning parents get busy — housework, career, running around, cooking, dating our spouses — there are so many pulls for our time and so few hours in the day. Our kids sometimes run on empty or feel like they just don’t rate among our other priorities. I think this section is so important as a way to start a conversation with your kids that they are so important — to us parents and to Jesus. No one could ever take their place in our hearts or His.

  4. Jesus ascends to Heaven.

    On the last page of the book, a living Jesus ascends to Heaven, and the disciples went back to town, praised God for the miracle, and were so happy to tell others about Jesus. I think this is a good point of discussion with our kids. Jesus worked many miracles in His day, but we still see lots of miracles today. We should talk about the miracles in our lives and about the great God who makes them happen. We should talk about our answered prayers and our love for and from the God who created the universe. We should be like those disciples – so happy to tell others about Jesus!

This little book is full of snippets of stories from the life of Jesus; I’ve just pulled out four that were meaningful to my kids, and helped inspire conversations about Jesus and his life. I hope you will take these talking points to your kids as I am with mine, and remind them that He understands their temptations, has power beyond our comprehension, loves and values His children, and is worthy of talking about day and all night.

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Your Turn

Have you began having conversations about Jesus with your kids? What are some ideas that inspired you or stories that sparked conversation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!