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5 Ways to Celebrate Reading During Children's Book Week

5 Ways to Celebrate Reading During Children's Book Week

Did you know that Children’s Book Week happens every May?

I know you’re already reading to your kids, but why not use this special week to do something out of the ordinary? Why not celebrate the books instead of just reading them?

Here Are Some Great Ways to Celebrate Reading

  1. Do something from the story. Let’s start with a favorite book like The Blessings Jar. In the story, Alexa Grace and her Grandma create a Blessings Jar to keep track of all the blessings Alexa Grace notices. Could you and your children create a Blessings Jar after reading the story? Gather a jar (An old washed out mayonnaise jar would work just fine.), decorate it with ribbons and scrapbook paper if you have them, and give it a spot of importance in the dining room or living room. Place a stack of paper squares and a pen next to it to make it easier to record blessings in the spur of the moment. If you don’t want to use an actual jar, writing your blessing down (or drawing pictures to represent each one) in a pretty journal is another idea.
  2. Create art inspired by the story. The illustrations in Heaven is For Real for Kids and Heaven is For Real for Little Ones are breathtaking. Bring out some watercolor paper and watercolors and help your kids create a scene from the book or create a picture of what they think Heaven will look like. Or try a medium you’ve never used before, like watercolor pencils or acrylics.
  3. Write their ‘My Story’. Read some tales of real Bible heroes like Noah, Joseph, David, or Daniel, and then help your kids to write their own ‘My Story’. Either write their life as it has happened so far, or write what they think will happen as they grow up. Make their stories into books, a sentence or two per page with a nice, big illustration. Bind them together with staples or yarn. You will enjoy looking back at them often as your kids grow.
  4. Put on a play. Read an old favorite like The Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks and the Three Bears and act it out as a play. It’s even better if you make costumes from simple things around the house or print out pictures you find online and paste them onto popsicle sticks to use as puppets.
  5. Begin a habit. There is no bad time to begin daily devotionals with your kids, but this week is an especially good one. Use a children’s devotional like Jesus Calling for Kids or Grace for the Moment: 365 Devotions for Kids and start a daily time with God. In my family, we have devotionals right after breakfast or right after lunch (depending on when the kids are most calm and receptive to listen). You don’t have to make a big production out of starting something new. Just do it.

Children’s Book Week is a great time to not only jumpstart your summer reading, but to take it to the next level with your children.

Tell your kids you want to read something to them, and then let them soak in the words God has in store for them. It will be a blessing to you all.

Your Turn

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