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5 Ways to Enjoy Fall with the Whole Family

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall with the Whole Family

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! The cooler temperatures (here in Texas we experience some pretty extreme summer heat), the golden colors, the animals getting their winter coats… it is spectacular! But with all of the busyness of life and back-to-school activities, we might miss the pleasures of fall if we aren’t purposeful about stopping to enjoy it.

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall with the Whole Family

1. Get outside

You can’t appreciate the splendor from inside the house. Even a rainy day has its beauty. At least once a day, I walk out and breathe it all in. “Come on kids! Join me on the porch!” I will call into the house. Lately we’ve been reading together out there. They find a comfortable spot to relax while I read. Books like Wild Grace by Max Lucado are great for sparking discussion while you’re spending time in the great outdoors.

2. Open the doors and windows

Bring some of that fall freshness inside and air out your home at the same time. The cool, crisp mornings turn to warm afternoons and it just doesn’t get much better than that.

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall for the Whole Famil

3. Embrace the fall colors

As soon as I see those pumpkins for sale at the grocery store I grab a cart full. They are a beautiful, affordable way to add fall to your home. I pile them up on the porch to welcome guests and put a few small gourds inside as a centerpiece. We all feel the love of God’s workmanship through those pumpkins.

4. Take pictures

At least twice a week I drag a kid (or three) outside to take pictures of them in the changing season. You don’t need expensive equipment to get some great shots. A cell phone or small point and shoot can take great candid photos. You can frame them in a collage and use them for many autumns to come.

5. Take a nature walk

The cooler afternoons are a perfect time to go for a walk with the whole family. My son loves to carry his Nature Bible and press fall leaves into it. Then we go home and look up the leaves on the Internet to learn more about the trees from which they came. We also like to look for animal tracks and anything else that we can use to study and learn about nature.

Whatever you do, take time this fall to spend some family time enjoying the beauty of the season.

Your Turn

What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy fall as a family?