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5 Ways to Help Your Child Read Early

The Adventure Bible for Early Readers NIrV 9780310744597

I’ve always worked really hard to help my kids to become early readers. There are some great tips I’ve picked up over the years that I’m excited to share with you. #1. Reading Together It’s so important to take time to read with your kids. I know it’s not easy, but finding the time and effort is possible. You just have to do it! One of my best weapons for teaching my kids early reading skills and to love reading at an early age has been using the Adventure Bible for Early Readers. #2. Reading Out Loud Reading together is one thing, but reading out loud is so important. I always take some time to read out loud to my kids. Do you want to know my secret? I also have them read out loud to me. Using the Adventure Bible for Early Readers, there are many different features that help make reading out loud fun. #3. Ask Lots of Questions One way to help your child to read early is to ask questions often.

Reading our Bible story for the day gives my kids a chance to hear God’s Word, and following up with the story with questions reinforces what they’ve learned.

Don’t forget that part of reading is comprehension. #4. Memorize Verses Site words are a huge part of learning to read at an early age. I’ve used the Adventure Bible for Early Readers to help my children learn to read and memorize Bible verses. This is great not only for their spiritual life, but also for helping them with their reading progress. We choose at least one verse a week to memorize and also keep a log of the verses we’ve already memorized. #5. Telling Stories with Pictures Not every child will learn how to read as quickly as others. Using the Adventure Bible for Early Readers, I take illustrations and have my child tell me the story in their own words. Sometimes these stories are heartwarming, goofy, or right on target.

Story telling is an excellent way to get your child to read early.

I am thrilled to use a Bible that my kids can relate to but that they can also use to better their lives on an educational level.

Want to know more about the Adventure Bible for Early Readers?

“The NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers takes kids ages 6 to 9 on a fun, exciting journey through God’s Word. Along the way they’ll meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of things about the Bible. Most importantly, they will grow closer in their understanding of God and his Word. Here’s a quick tour through the features:

  • Life in Bible Times – Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in ancient days
  • People in Bible Times – Articles offer close-up looks at amazing people of the Bible
  • Live It! – Hands-on activities help you apply biblical truths to your life
  • Did You Know? – Interesting facts help you understand God’s Word
  • Words to Treasure – Great verses to memorize
  • Twenty full-color pages – Games, a scavenger hunt, and other Bible fun, all with a jungle safari theme
  • Book introductions, a dictionary, and color maps.”

I hope you enjoy this Bible as much as the kids and I do!

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