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50% Off Football Special!

50% Off Football Special!

Love Football? If so, Jim Grassi’s Guts, Grace, and Glory is the devotional you’ve been waiting for! Get your copy now for just $8.50…50% OFF for a limited time!

Guts, Grace, and Glory
is the ultimate football devotional for men and women who enjoy football and value character and faith. Those men who step out onto the field–as players and as coaches–are amongst the toughest of men you will find. Yet, as Character Coach Jim Grassi shows, these gridiron warriors fight the same batlles that can cause any person to stumble. Because guts aren’t just needed on the football field; they’re needed for LIFE.

Guts, Grace, and Glory offers 65 devotions based on the stats and stories of some of today’s most famous players and coaches, along with glimpses into great moments from football history. You’ll love these inspirational stories from some of the greatest past and present favorites in the game including:

  • Johnny Unitas
  • Robert Griffin III
  • Bart Starr
  • Kurt Warner
  • LaDainian Tomlinson
  • Bear Bryant
  • Plus many more!

“I believe that in reading this book, you will be entertained, but more importantly, you will be inspired and encouraged to seek glory by living your life with guts. Guts that allow us to accept our shortcomings and face the most difficult of circumstances with courage, knowing that because Jesus had the GUTS to live out His life for us, we have been provided with the GRACE that will ultimately lead to our living in God’s GLORY!”–Kurt Warner, NFL Superbowl MVP XXXIV


*Sale ends 8/31/14