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7 Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

When I was eleven years old, I committed my life to Christ. From that day forward, I’ve constantly lived with the realization that I only have one shot at life—and that my time on earth is finite.

I didn’t have any amazing gifts or talents. I was pretty much just an average girl who got average grades and lived an average American life. But I wanted something more. I didn’t want to be content with average.

So I started reading voraciously. I set my alarm to get up early. I set goals and worked toward them. I began investing every day thinking of what would matter most at the end of my life. All of those little things added up to a life changed.

At the time, it didn’t seem like it was making a big impact. But now, twenty years later, those daily choices have added up to shape me into where I am today: blogging, writing, speaking, and, most of all, loving my life!

Yes, there are hard things. Yes, I make many mistakes. But I get up every day excited about what lies before me. Eager to meet the day and the challenges. Anxious to make a little more traction each day toward bigger goals I have for the future.

I encourage you to take the next step and implement the following seven habits that I am confident will change your life. Commit to doing one every week. The habits will build on themselves, and by the end of two months, you’ll be in a much better place than you are now.

If adding a new habit every week for seven weeks seems overwhelming, just pick one to focus on for the next month. Don’t get hung up if it takes you longer than a week to work on a habit. Remember: moving in the right direction, even at a snail’s pace, is still moving forward!

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1. Start taking care of yourself. If you don’t put a priority on your health and mental sanity, you will pay for it now and later. Not only will you be constantly overworked, exhausted, and stressed, but you’ll also suffer from the physical and emotional fallout that comes from not making yourself a priority.

2. Go to bed early and get a good night’s rest. Most Americans are severely sleep deprived. It’s no wonder they don’t have passion and purpose for life; they can barely keep their eyes open and their heads from nodding off! Refueling your sleep tank is important to being efficient during the day.

3. Make the most of your mornings. Getting your day off to a great start is one of the best ways to kick-start your productivity. Wake up a little earlier, and spend time building your faith by reading the Bible and praying. Start tackling a few items on your to-do list. Make a goal list for the week. Go for a walk around your neighborhood.

4. Set five small goals. Without goals, all your good intentions amount to nothing. You need concrete, realistic goals if you want to make traction in the right direction.

5. Break down your goals into bite-size pieces. Sometimes a big goal can seem overwhelming. Break down your big goals into monthly, then weekly chunks—things you can accomplish in fifteen to thirty minutes at a time. You’ll instantly transform your goals from daunting to doable.

6. Find an accountability partner. You can’t live life on purpose on your own. Find a friend or two who are willing to keep you on task. Set up regular check-ins, whether online, in person, or over the phone. Share ideas on how to practically engage in an accountability relationship.

7. Replace the TV or Internet surfing with productivity. Feel like you don’t have enough time? Well, you’re not alone. Most Americans feel like they are incredibly strapped for time. But the average American also watches four hours of television per day. If we all invested even half of that time into improving ourselves, working toward our goals, working out, getting more sleep, and so on, think about how much better we’d feel and how much more fulfilled we’d be in life!

No matter your age, your financial situation, your education, or your upbringing, you can live an exceptional life. You can say goodbye to survival mode and hello to a life that matters. A life that makes a difference. A life on purpose!

Your Turn

Which of the seven habits above are you neglecting the most that you now plan on implementing in your daily routine?