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A Joyful Noise

A Joyful Noise

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. — Psalm 95:1 NIV

Are birds born knowing how to sing? Actually, no. Unlike cats that are born knowing how to meow and dogs that know how to bark, birds have to learn their songs. They learn by listening to their mom, dad, and other birds. And it takes a lot of practice. Some of their songs are pretty complicated!

So why do birds sing? It’s not really for conversation. Birds use single “words,” or calls, for things like warning other birds of danger, telling where to find food, and simply saying hello. But when it comes to their full songs, it turns out birds sing for a lot of reasons! If you hear a bird singing in North America and Europe, it’s probably a boy bird — and he’s usually singing to impress a girl (or maybe warn another guy to stay away). But if you live in Australia or the tropics, that bird you hear singing is probably a girl, and she’s usually putting on a show. But sometimes birds sing when they’re all alone. Why? Scientists think it’s for the same reason we do — just for the pure joy of singing.

God has given you so many things to be thankful for — the wonders of His creation, the blessings of people who love you, the beauty of birdsong. It’s enough to fill your heart with song, so why not sing out a few praises? Don’t worry about how you sound or if the notes are just right.

Sing just for the pure joy of praising the One who gives you so many reasons to sing.

The mockingbird is known for its singing. The male mockingbird sings more often than the female and can make up to 200 different noises. It’s called a mockingbird for its ability to “mock” or imitate other sounds — from the songs and chirps of other birds to a cat’s meow to a car alarm!

Lord, put a new song in my heart and mouth today — a song of praise to You!

Excerpted with permission from How Great Is Our God by Louie Giglio, copyright Louie Giglio.


Your Turn

Are you a singer in church? In the car? In the shower? Turn those praise tunes on and get singing! God loves to hear a joyful song of praise! Come share your thoughts about singing for joy to the Lord. We want to hear from you. ~ Devotionals Daily