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Annie Downs "Let's All Be Brave" Author Chat Replay Video

Annie Downs

In an epic moment, we welcomed back Zondervan author Annie Downs to talk about her newest book, Let’s All Be Brave. Annie was not only our very first FaithGateway LIVE Author Chat guest, but she is now our first repeat author guest!

At the very beginning of our time together, Annie pointed out that sometimes it’s the everyday “Yes’s” or “No’s” that are truly brave, even though we may not label ourselves as brave.

In a book that transcends any age group, gender or demographic, Annie walks us through where this book came from, how it impacted her life and how she hopes it impacts all of yours.

Highlights from the Annie Downs Author Chat

  • The #1 reason she wrote “Let’s All Be Brave”
  • What she wanted to say to ALL her friends and her readers
  • The little moments that define our stories
  • Why we don’t see ourselves accurately
  • How to find the brave person within us that God designed each of us to be
  • The first thing to do when there’s a dream in your heart
  • Why speaking out loud can be so important
  • How to encourage others in your life to be brave
  • The importance of stepping out of your comfort zone
  • The role the geographic locations play in the book
  • Why being brave doesn’t always equate to being bold

I also loved when about halfway through our time together, Annie spoke of the role failure plays in being brave. She challenged us to reflect on the currency that keeps us from being brave – where does the consistency come into play when we say no to being brave?

Annie also revealed insights on how she gets inspired to write (it might be more common then you think), as well as where she loves to write.

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