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Bethany Hamilton Author Chat Replay: "Body And Soul"

Bethany Hamilton Author Chat Replay:

Straight from her home in Hawaii, we had the opportunity to chat with Bethany Hamilton about all things fit, fun and fabulous in her new girl’s guide to life, Body and Soul. This fantastic book is for girls of ALL ages (and even some “dudes” too, as we discovered during our live chat!).

If you missed any or all of our time with Bethany, you can watch the entire author chat now.

Highlights from the Bethany Hamilton Author Chat

  • What to avoid to live a healthy life
  • How to start enjoying healthy foods
  • Her favorite smoothie recipe right now
  • What she acknowledges daily
  • Why it’s important to be patient and pace yourself
  • Her advice when it comes to setting goals and challenging yourself
  • What’s essential to a healthy diet
  • Her favorite exercise from her book
  • How she keeps up workouts when traveling
  • Why friends and family are so important in your spiritual health
  • Her favorite Hawaii spots

Bethany’s passion for life exudes from all she does. But perhaps more important is the gratitude which she infuses throughout her day. Even if you’ve never surfed a wave before, you’re going to want to dive into this book as Bethany shares all the secrets you need to reveal your fittest self – with tons of smiles along the way.

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