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A Bible for Your Little Super Hero

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Why Do Kids Need Super Heroes of the Bible?

Are you looking for a way to get boys interested in the Bible?

Try the Super Heroes Bible in 3D NIrV: The Quest for Good Over Evil.

My son is “all boy” and was born that way. He’s into anything with wheels, anything that flies and anything representing a super hero.

I have to tell a funny story about a time he was at school playing super heroes with his friend. My son was the good guy and his friend was the bad guy so what does the good guy do? He punches that bad guy. Yep, I got a call that day from the principal who was very understanding because they were playing a game it wasn’t bullying. But, I needed to make sure my son knew the difference between role playing and the real thing. So yeah, my son loves super heroes and The Super Heroes Bible in 3D was a perfect fit for him.

Miles can’t quite read yet. He’s still learning, so he mostly looks at the pictures. That’s one of the things we love about The Super Heroes Bible in 3D. There are full page photos of certain super heroes in the bible. Three of our favorites are Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego because in their photo they are all standing in fire.

We like to read the Bible together every night. I admit we’ve slacked quite a bit on that front this year but this Bible is so exciting to him that he actually sleeps with it! I had to have my husband take it from him tonight so that I could flip through it while I was writing this.

Does that make me a bad mom? I took my son’s Bible!!!

He’ll get it back tomorrow and it will be back in his bed in no time. I think the only time it leaves his bed is when he takes it to church on Sunday mornings.

Not all of the super heroes have a full page color photo of themselves. Some of them have a page that is like a mini story. It’s a story based upon the Scripture about that person but in words that are easier for kids to understand. The NIrV is pretty simple to read, but these sections are written more like short stories and at the bottom they have little tidbits for you to think about. They bring home the point of why this person was a good person or a bad person and how you can emulate the good ones with real life situations. They remind me of devotions in my Bible and are really relatable to kids.

The last feature I really want to mention are the power surges. Each super hero has character traits and you can find the full list of traits in the back of the Bible. Throughout the Bible there will be the power surges. The character trait is supported with a bible verse. They are very well placed and help support the story of the super heroes. Miles and I are enjoying the super heroes of the bible and I know many other boys will too.

There are so many super heroes out there from the Marvel and DC comics that our kids today want to emulate – and many of them have very redeeming talents and morals! But as Christian parents we can also reinforce with our kids that God created real-life super heroes that can be even better role models of courage, perseverance, strength and faith! We want super powers like people in the Bible had… all things are possible with God!

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Your Turn

If you have a son, is he “all boy”? Leave a comment on our blog if you have a little super hero with a great imagination running around your house battling the “bad guy”! We’d love to hear your ideas for getting your boys interested in reading the Bible!