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Bible Studies for Women: 12 Teachers You Should Know

Bible studies for women – 12 teachers you should know

There are so many strong and inspiring Christian women who teach the Bible and are passionate about helping people grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word. These are women who know their Bibles and who know how to connect Biblical truths to the issues people face in their everyday lives.  

Now, it’s likely that you already know New York Times bestselling Christian authors Lysa, Jennie, Kathie Lee, Anne and Ann.  But have you discovered these up-and-coming women Bible study teachers?

Get to know these authors and hear their testimonies about how they got started writing women’s Bible studies at Study Gateway! The Study Gateway First Listens Podcast Season 4 is dedicated to these leading Christian women, and you’ll love hearing what inspires them in their study and teaching of God’s Word.

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12 Up-and-Coming Women Bible Study Teachers You Should Know

Karen Ehman

Women Bible study teacher – Karen Ehman
With six Bible studies for women under her belt, Karen is one of the most prolific authors and Bible teachers published by HarperChristian Resources, writing about topics every woman can relate to! She is described as “profoundly practical, engagingly funny, and downright real,” and her passion is to help women to live their priorities and love their lives as they serve God and others.

Candace Payne

 Women Bible study teacher – Candace Payne

Candace got her start as an author and Bible teacher after a video of her laughing hysterically at herself in a Chewbacca mask went viral. Turns out her source of joy was deeper than a mask, and she has become one of our most beloved women’s Bible study teachers.  

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Women Bible study teacher – Chrystal Evans Hurst

Chrystal is a gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader.  Being the eldest child of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans, Chrystal been surrounded by the Word of God her entire life and loves to encourage women in fulfilling their full potential in Christ.

Megan Marshman

Women Bible study teacher – Megan Marshman

Megan just might be capable of being in multiple places at once. She’s finishing up her Doctorate of Ministry while serving as a teaching pastor at Willow Creek in Chicago while directing women’s ministries at Hume Lake Christian Camps while shepherding women at Arbor Road Church in Long Beach, California, while being a mother of two young boys. How?

Hosanna Wong


Hosanna is one of the youngest authors published by HarperChristian Resources, but she has a lifetime of experience raised in an urban street preaching ministry in San Francisco. This spoken word artist travels the world helping people know Jesus for real.

Lori Wilhite

Women Bible study teacher – Lori Wilhite

Lori is a pastor’s wife and Bible study teacher who loves equipping and encouraging women in leadership through her ministry, Leading and Loving It.  Her Bible studies for women on books of the Bible focus on themes of identity, purpose, and joy.

Margaret Feinberg

Women Bible study teacher – Margaret Feinberg

Recently named one of the 50 women most shaping culture and the church by Christianity Today, Margaret’s latest Bible study for women is on one of the most challenging books of the Bible: Revelation!

Jada Edwards

Women Bible study teacher – Jada Edwards

Jada loooves to study and teach the Bible. She’s a little nerdy about personality assessments. And her heart is with One Community Church which she and her husband planted in 2008, where she is the Creative Services Director. 

Sandra Richter

Women Bible study teacher – Sandra Richter

Dr. Richter is the only female professor of Old Testament studies published by HarperChristian Resources, and her Bible study on the book of Psalms showcases her passion for making the real people and real places of the Bible come alive.

Ruth Chou Simons

Women Bible study teacher – Ruth Chou Simons

Ruth is an artist-turned-author whose first Bible study for women on Study Gateway is a vulnerable exploration of how overachievers can learn to live in God’s grace.  

Danielle Strickland

Women Bible study teacher – Danielle Strickland

A spiritual leader, justice advocate, and peacemaker, Danielle has also been affectionately called the “ambassador of fun”! Her passion for social causes informs her vision for how men and women in leadership can work well together.

Bianca Olthoff

Women Bible study teacher – Bianca Olthoff

Bianca describes herself as a passionate Jesus-loving, Bible-teaching, book-writing MexiRican who loves to help people navigate life, connect in community, and live significantly.


Get to Know These Women Bible Study Teachers


Study Gateway’s First Listens podcast is dedicating Season 4 to Women Bible Study Teachers You Should Know. Listen now for FREE and hear a new interview and Bible study session with each of our featured teachers.



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