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A Bible Study for the New Year

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There’s power in words. Beauty in words. Grace in words.

Words create movement. They craft nations. They seal a marriage. They cast a vision. They make us laugh. They focus our attention. They expand our horizons. They stimulate our creativity. And they script our possibilities.

My One Word is a project for you to embark on through choosing just one word to be your single focus for an entire year.

What aspect of your character needs to become more aligned to God’s character? Take 2014 and focus on that one trait.

According to the Barna research group, over 90 million Americans currently make New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all made a long list of resolutions. Lists of things that we would want to start doing or stop doing – things we want to change about ourselves. Lists of ways to improve our lives and our character.

However, you’ve probably found that each day keeps blurring into the next while we try to make some progress with our many good intentions. Yet very little actually changes. Only 20 percent of resolution makers report achieving any significant long-term change.

When we open the Bible, we find more lists. Things followers of Christ should do. Things followers of Christ should resist doing. Traits followers of Christ should display – all the truly important stuff. How can we get to any of this?

That’s where My One Word was birthed. Focus on one aspect of change throughout the year, and actually change your life.

For more information, visit and watch the first session of the small group study here.

Watch the Video Trailer for My One Word