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Brings Your Dreams to Your Father's Throne

Brings Your Dreams to Your Father's Throne

There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the LORD’s counsel— that will stand. — Proverbs 19:21 NKJV

Have you ever zoned out in thought? What were you thinking about? What were you dreaming of? What dreams were you planning to make a reality?

Do you remember as a child wanting something so much that you hesitated to ask your parents for it because you were afraid they would say no? The pain of missing out on the newest, latest, and greatest was just too much to process. Sometimes we do the same with our heavenly Father.

We want something so much that we work toward that goal without taking it to the Lord in prayer.

In moments when our faith falters, remember God wants the best for you. His plans exceed anything you could hope for or imagine. Be willing to confide your desires to Him in prayer. With confidence, know that what He places in your heart, He will equip you to accomplish. In God’s Word He reminds us that if we agree on earth concerning anything we ask, it will be done by our Father in heaven (Matthew 18:19).

But the agreeing isn’t just agreeing with each other, it is agreeing with God.

In your time with Him, listen for His voice, His plan. Dream, but always bring those dreams to your Father’s throne. Ask for His favor, counsel, and wisdom. Let Him guide your plans.

Thank You, Lord, that You and Your plans are trustworthy. I know I can rest in Your counsel. Give me courage always to bring my plans to You along with discernment to hear Your voice.

Excerpted with permission from The Invitation to Intimacy with God, copyright Thomas Nelson.

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