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Celebrate Spring With This Scene

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We couldn’t be more excited that spring is finally here! It’s been a long, cold winter with not much snow in my town, yet we’ve spent way too many days inside. We’re ready to head outside, warm up in the sunshine and see some spring flowers!

Since flowers are not yet in bloom in our area, to celebrate the start of spring I’m creating with my kids this window scene of coffee filter flowers to brighten our home. This craft project is so simple and doesn’t require a lot of supplies, effort or work on the parents part.

Ready to create this spring flower window scene craft? Here’s are the basic supplies you’ll need and step-by-step instructions:


Easy spring flower window craft by Meghan Tucker

.Supplies Needed

  • coffee filters
  • watercolor
  • paintbrushes
  • smocks or old shirt
  • water
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint or Crayola Window Crayons
  • scotch tape


1. Paint the coffee filters – the brighter the better.
2. Let them dry.
3. Once dry, cut around the edges or you can leave them how they are.
4. Then, place on the window with scotch tape.
5. Lastly, use acrylic paint or Crayola Window Crayons to draw the scene (stems, sunshine, clouds, grass, etc)
6. Enjoy the view!

One of my favorite flowers for spring is the Easter Lily, and I love reading at this time of year the book The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs. This sweet board book offers a wonderful lesson for children about grace, forgiveness, and God’s greatest Gift to us. In the story, Maggie, the farmer’s young daughter, loves getting gifts, especially mysterious ones. One wintry day, she receives a package in the mail. She excitedly opens the package to find a bulb buried in a crate of dirt. This was not what Maggie expected. She had hoped for a doll or a game, not a bulb that would one day become a plant. When spring comes, she finds the bulb in the cellar and tosses the lifeless thing into the garden, never to think of it again . . . until she walks outside on Easter morning and finds the most beautiful lily she has ever seen. Through the unique gift of a bulb, Maggie discovers the true meaning of Easter.

Your Turn

What crafts does your family enjoy to help celebrate the start of spring?