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Why Your Child Needs a Study Bible

Why Your Child Needs a Study Bible

We have more than a few Bibles in our home. I like to read different translations, so we have several on our shelves. We have Bibles for moms and couples and boys and the whole family.

As our children grew older, however, I found a missing element in our collection of Bibles. Bible storybooks are wonderful and I’m so thankful for Bibles made just for early readers, but my eldest son inherited my curiosity and love for learning. He was ready for more to help him discover God’s Word.

I grew up knowing lots of Bible stories. I had the Ten Commandments memorized. I went to church every weekend. And yet, I never took much time to read the actual Bible for myself until I was in college. When I finally got into the Word for myself, I discovered I had missed so much, including the depth of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Daily time in the Word and studying the Bible have become so important to me because I know God has so much to share with me in the Scriptures. My study Bible has been a faithful companion along this journey.

I want my kids to know Him and find Him in the Bible for themselves just like I did. I don’t want them to only know Jesus through us, their parents.

I want our kids to hear from Him when they open His Word.

That hole in our Bible collection was filled by a study Bible for kids!

You may be wondering if your child needs a study Bible. For our family, the answer has been absolutely yes. Here are just a few of the reasons:

A study Bible provides a more well-rounded picture of biblical history for your child. My son loves to look at the maps over and over again. He traces the routes of Paul. He follows the path of Jesus during His ministry. And when he reads those portions of the Bible, he can better visualize where all of it was happening.

A study Bible helps your child get to know key characters in a clearer way. Sometimes it can be hard in the midst of a passage of Scripture to distinguish what God wants us to learn from the life of a particular character. I have always loved the character features in my study Bible because they help me better understand the background, life, and decisions of these key people. With all of the cultural and historical differences, these spotlights can point out godly characteristics for your child, as well as mistakes to avoid.

A study Bible can satisfy your child’s curiosity immediately. When my son is excited to learn more about something he reads in God’s Word, I love that a study Bible lets him do just that right away. Study Bibles provide helpful information about words, cultures, traditions, and real-life application. My son spends more time in the Scriptures now that he has a study Bible. I love it when he comes up to me saying, “Did you know…?” And sometimes I even learn something new!

The new, colorful NKJV Study Bible for Kids has been a huge blessing for our children. It has everything I love about study bibles, but is also very appealing and applicable to kids!

Whether your child loves words or is a visual learner, a study Bible will enrich their time reading God’s Word in so many new ways!

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