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What If Your Child Received a Letter from God?

What If Your Child Received a Letter from God?

Easter Love Letters

Social media and texting are great ways to communicate with one another. iMessage makes it easy to stay in touch with friends while Instagram connects us with people we wouldn’t have otherwise met. Technology is fantastic; however, it has slowly replaced more meaningful contact such as face-to-face conversations and handwritten letters.

One of the things I miss most from my pre-smartphone days is getting a personal note in the mail. Even though emails are super convenient, they can not replace the feeling you get from receiving a postcard from a family member on vacation or a letter from a friend far away.

As a child, I loved getting letters from my aunt. I’d write to her about school, boys, and fashion. She’d respond with the details of her day-to-day on colored paper that she decorated with doodles. My favorite part about being pen pals with her was the special code names we had for one another.

Even though receiving personal mail is not common, our children can experience the same wonder of receiving letters when they read the book Easter Love Letters from God. Just like the previous books in the Love Letter series, it’s written by Glenys Nellist‎ and illustrated by Sophie Allsopp. However, this book walks your child through the days leading up to Jesus’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, known as Holy Week. Following each story, your child will find a message from God. Little hands will love lifting the flap of the letter to discover God’s words of love, encouragement, and hope.

Writing letters to one another doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Here are some simple ways you can start putting pen to paper and unleash the power of handwritten words:

Purchase greeting cards or stylized notepad.

If you have these supplies on hand, you will be more likely to drop a note to your friend to let them know you are thinking about them.

Write in a journal and pass it back and forth between a spouse, child, or loved one.

Not only will this foster deep thoughts and open communication but it will provide a keepsake for the future.

Write a letter to your child to mark a milestone.

Create and hand deliver invitations.

Electronic notifications are easy to set up and manage, but a physical invite adds a personal touch to any small gathering.

Journal your thoughts and prayers to God.

When we write out our feelings, we are often able to express ourselves more than with just speaking words.

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