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Come to Me

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Come to Me. — Matthew 11:28

There are none of us so close to Christ but that we can’t come nearer, and the secret of our daily Christian life is all wrapped up in that one word of invitation from Jesus:


That nearness is what we are to make daily efforts after, and that nearness is one capable of indefinite increase. We know not how close to His heart we can lay our aching heads. We know not how near to His fullness we can bring our emptiness. We have never yet reached the point beyond which no closer union is possible.

Pray About It

Prayer is, in its most basic definition, a “coming” to God. Before words are spoken or thoughts organized, the fact that we have come unto Him has established prayer. Each time we enter prayer, there is this same coming to God.

“Come unto me” are the sweetest words of Christ to echo down through the centuries. Can you imagine a finer invitation? Today, as you pray, realize just Who it is that invites you to come. It was He who first loved us.

God is always near you and with you. Leave Him not alone. ~Brother Lawrence

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Your Turn

Have you considered before that just coming into the Presence of God establishes prayer? Pause now and respond the Lord’s invitation to come to Him bringing your emptiness and enjoying His nearness. You’re invited to leave your comments below.