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Daddy's Girl Or Boy

A man and a girl tubing in a lake,Always a Princess by Karen Kingsbury 9780310716471

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl.

Not only am I a child of the King, but He’s also given me a father on earth to care for me. Father’s Day is right around the corner. While I want to honor my dad on Father’s Day, I also love to cherish the memories we have together.

Also, you should know that I’ve been a Karen Kingsbury fan since the beginning of time, so I am more than excited to share these great books with you!

Always Daddy’s Princess is not your ordinary fairytale. This book just spoke right to my heart. My daughter also loved this book because she could relate to it so much. Not only does she get to experience some of these events in the books now, but she gets to look forward to the many years ahead. As we get older our relationships with our fathers do change, but hopefully they change for the better.

Through this book, Karen Kingsbury has given me some excellent insight into how my husband and my daughter could spend even more quality time together.

1. Watch the sunrise together. This is something I love to do with my husband but it’s an activity would also be great for dads and kids to do together.

2. Surprise her. A special day with daddy doesn’t need to happen just on Father’s day. Have daddy pick out the fun and surprise the daughter. No matter what it is, the time spent together is most important.

3. Devotions. This is an excellent way to spend time together. Have special father/daughter devotional time every day or one day a week (whatever fits into your schedule).

4. Prepare for a special dance. A lot of times moms get to help with this, but imagine dad having fun helping his daughter with this sort of event.

No matter what age she is, a father can come up with some excellent memories to make with his daughter. Let’s not forget that the best memories are made spontaneously.

The next book that stole my heart that goes hand in hand with Always Daddy’s Princess is Let’s Have a Daddy Day. It’s also by Karen Kingsbury. My kids love nothing more than spending time with their father and this book hits the nail on the head.

Make today a Daddy-Daughter/Son Day. Fly a kite, sing a song, jump into the lake, do whatever honors your relationship together. Most importantly do not forget the impact that the heavenly Father has on our sons and daughters. Teaching them to pray, memorize scripture, and love others is an excellent way to get them on the right godly path.

Let’s Have a Daddy Day brought back some awesome memories and has encouraged my husband and I to keep making memories with our family all together and one-on-one.

I love this quote from Let’s Have a Daddy Day:

When you’re all grown up and you look back on this day, you’ll know how much I loved you ‘cause we took the time to play.

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Your Turn

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