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Daily Power: Walking by Faith

Daily Power: Walking by Faith

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. — Psalm 37:4

Some days you wake up and wonder how you ended up where you are in your life. You remember when you were younger and had a dream. You always thought, “One day I’m going to pursue that dream and I’m going to go for it and I’m going to take the chance.” You may have believed God gave you this dream and that He would provide the path you needed to reach this divinely appointed destination.

But when you look at your life now, it feels like you went off road and into a wilderness of distractions and diversions. Now you’re in a place where it seems like the ability to pursue that dream has passed you, and you feel like a failure because you thought by this point in your life you would be doing something different, something better, something more significant, something more meaningful. Then one day you just looked up and you were nowhere close to where you thought you would be, where you thought God would lead you.

No matter how disappointed you feel, or how far away you seem from your expectations from long ago, don’t give up on your dream. If God has planted it in your heart, then He will lead you there, blazing a trail marked by His glory. No matter how painful or impossible it seems, keep walking by faith.

Power Lift

Today, Lord, I will take the next step and trust You for where we’re going and how I’ll get there.

Excerpted with permission from Daily Power by Craig Groeschel, copyright Craig Groeschel.

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Your Turn

Are you where you expected to be in your life? Most of us who’ve traveled any significant distance with Jesus will say, “absolutely not.” Today, let’s choose to trust God that His path for our lives might seem curvy and off-track, but He will lead and guide us to fulfill the dreams that He Himself planted in our hearts. Come share your thoughts with us on our blog! We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily