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Desperate Dads Go to Jesus

Dad Time by Max Lucado 9780529111661

Our kids were God’s kids first… We tend to forget this fact, regarding our children as “our” children, as though we have the final say in their health and welfare. We don’t. All people are God’s people, including the small people who sit at our tables. Wise are the parents who regularly give their children back to God.

A father is the one in your life who provides and protects. That is exactly what God has done.

Jairus is the leader of the synagogue. That may not mean much to you and me, but in the days of Christ, the leader of the synagogue was the most important man in the community. The synagogue was the center of religion, education, leadership, and social activity. The leader of the synagogue was the senior religious leader, the highest-ranking professor, the mayor, and the best-known citizen all rolled into one.

Jairus has it all. Job security. A guaranteed welcome at the coffee shop. A pension plan. Golf every Thursday and an annual all-expenses-paid trip to the national convention.

Who could ask for more? Yet Jairus does. He has to ask for more. In fact, he would trade the whole package of perks and privileges for just one assurance – that his daughter will live.

The Jairus we see in this story is not the clearsighted, black-frocked, nicely groomed civic leader. He is instead a blind man begging for a gift. He fell at Jesus’ feet, saying again and again,

My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live. – Mark 5:23

He doesn’t barter with Jesus. (“You do me a favor, and I’ll see you are taken care of for life.”) He doesn’t negotiate with Jesus. (“The guys in Jerusalem are getting pretty testy about your antics. Tell you what, you handle this problem of mine, and I’ll make a few calls…”) He doesn’t make excuses. (“Normally, I’m not this desperate, Jesus, but I’ve got a small problem.”)

He just pleads.

There are times in your life when everything you have to offer is nothing compared to what you are asking to receive.

Jairus is at such a point. What could a man offer in exchange for his child’s life? So there are no games. No haggling. No masquerades. The situation is starkly simple: Jairus is blind to the future and Jesus knows the future. So Jairus asks for help.

And Jesus, who loves the honest heart, goes to give it. And God, who knows what it is like to lose a child, empowers his son.

He never dismisses a parent’s prayer. Keep giving your child to God, and in the right time and the right way, God will give your child back to you. – from Fearless

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Your Turn

Have you been in that desperate place for your child or children before? Have you taken the leap of faith to go to Jesus with your fervent prayer for your son or daughter? Take a moment to reflect on the fact that your kids belonged to God before He entrusted them to you and lean into trusting our loving Father! Join the conversation on our blog! We would love to hear your comments.