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Different Kids, One God

Different Kids, One God

No two kids are created the same.

What works to encourage or discipline one does not work for another. I wish I could find a simple strategy that works with all my kids, one that never has to change. But of course, that’s not possible.

As a parent, this can leave me feeling confused and discouraged.

I have two daughters who could not be more different. My younger daughter loves notes of encouragement. She hangs them up or uses them as bookmarks so she can read them when she needs a pick-me-up. My oldest girl doesn’t seem to pay attention to the notes I write; rather she soaks in my words when we talk at bed time.

My younger daughter is super social and cares deeply about not missing out. She’s an extrovert who loves to engage in activity constantly. When she gets in trouble, I’ve found the best discipline is to ground her – no play dates, no TV, no electronics. On the other hand, my oldest girl is very confident in her friend group and doesn’t need to be connected with them all the time. She’s an introvert who appreciates quiet. If I disciplined her the same way, she’d be content to cuddle on the couch with a good book.

The more I understand their inherent difference, the better mom I can be to my daughters and the better relationship I can have with them.

Over the years I’ve trusted God to show me how to parent them in unique and individual ways. It’s been a process of trial and error that has deepened my reliance on God and His wisdom. He knows more about them than I do because he created them.

I don’t have to be the perfect parent because God is my children’s perfect Father.

No matter what the little girl in your life is like, the new Glimmer and Shine devotional by multi-Grammy nominated Christian recording artist Natalie Grant will challenge and inspire her to be her best self. Through daily readings filled with Bible verses, each devotion points her to the One who created her unique personality. Glimmer and Shine is designed to speak directly to every type of girl, encouraging them to take a journey in their faith.

While one parenting strategy does not fit all types of kids, God’s Word and wisdom does.

P.S. This is Natalie’s first devotional for young women, but she is no stranger as an author of books for girls. If you have two daughters as different as night and day, they’ll also love reading Natalie’s Glimmer Girls chapter book series, about 10-year-old twin daughters (like Natalie’s own twins) who go on adventures with their mom, famous singer Gloria Glimmer. Moms, this is safe content for your tweens, with Christian themes found throughout to encourage young women to find their God-given calling and live it out to the fullest potential!

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Your Turn

How different are the personalities of your children, or grandchildren? What ways do you try to treat each child you interact with differently? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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