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Each Day With Your Child Is a Gift

Each Day With Your Child Is a Gift

If there’s one thing we can all agree on as parents it is that time goes by way too fast. As a parent, I try to find time to connect with my kids each and every day. I have found that doing devotionals with my children is the best way to get that quality time with them. They get to learn about God and I get to thank God for their precious lives.

The Sweetest Bible Stories for Toddlers is the book we use for my baby girl. We love talking about God and His love for us. This particular book has eight bible stories aimed at teaching little girls about God’s love. Many people will claim to love our little girls over time, but we know that only God holds the key to their heart.

This is truly a blessing of a book because sitting down and reminding a little girl about why she’s important and loved by God is priceless. Another reason I love this book is that we can share it with anyone in the family for reading time. And just because it’s aimed at toddlers it doesn’t mean you can’t read the bible stories to your little girl as she grows older.

If you’d like to continue the conversation after reading the book together, ask questions like:

  • Do you know God loves you?
  • What happened in this story to let you know that God loves you?
  • How does God show us that He loves us?

Asking questions like these regularly will reassure your little one (and you!) of God‘s overwhelming love, giving her a solid foundation that will be carried in her heart for the rest of her life.

Time does go by so fast. Each day is a gift. I’ve got a feeling that someday we’ll look back and realize that the time spent with our little ones reading and talking about what matters most will be some of our sweetest memories and theirs too. If you’re looking for a book to read with your daughter, The Sweetest Bible Stories for Toddlers is a great place to start!

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