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Putting Down Emotional Baggage

Putting Down Emotional Baggage

If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. — John 8:36

On a trip to the High Sierra mountain range in California, some-thing hit me: the pack animals that carried our gear had no way of freeing themselves from the burdens on their backs. Unable to reach their heavy loads, they depended on others to remove them.

This is also true of us when we bear the weight of our emotional baggage. We cannot lay it down on our own; nor does it disappear over time.

Rather, true freedom is possible only through Jesus. Why?

  • Because we cannot reach our burdens and often don’t understand how deep they go.

But Jesus does. And He knows the perfect way to heal us completely.

Friend, no person lives free of all problems, hurdles, or pain. However, the Lord will not only protect you from lasting harm but can use difficulties to equip, prepare, and strengthen you for the next stage in your life.

Therefore, ask Jesus to lead you and relieve your burdens. He will set you free to become all God wants You to be.

Lord, I cannot reach my emotional burdens, but You can. Thank You for liberating me from them and using them to make me whole, amen.

  • In His presence… release your burdens.

Excerpted with permission from Every Day in His Presence by Charles Stanley, copyright Thomas Nelson.

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Your Turn

Do you feel like a pack mule today — weighed down by heavy burdens that you cannot remove? Pause today and ask the Lord to remove them and set you free! Come join the conversation. We want to hear from you about the freedom Christ offers all who believe and put their faith and trust in Him! ~ Devotionals Daily