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So Many Questions! Encouraging Kids' Curiosity

So Many Questions! Encouraging Kids' Curiosity

Mama, look!
A tiny sprout!
Who made this sprig
of spring pop out?
He who knows
our every need.
Only God
can make a seed.

– from Only God Can Make a Kitten

Why do kids ask so many questions? Do yours have a case of the endless, “why?” “how?” and “who?” questions? Children are infinitely curious about this world, which they’re experiencing with fresh eyes for the first time. So much is puzzling and interesting and new to them!

I think the reason God makes our kids so curious is so they will explore His glorious creation with open hearts to receiving and praising Him for what he has done. It’s easy, as an adult, to take the His handiwork for granted. But, when there are children in your life, you can’t help but slow down and experience wonder through their eyes.

Only God Can Make a Kitten by Rhonda Gowler Greene captures how precious a child’s curiosity really is. In this warm-hearted and adorable picture book, a little boy, full of wonder, asks his mama who makes a tiny seed, a curled-up kitten, the salty sea, and more. Spend any amount of time with a little one in a park with a preschooler and you’ll find yourself answering these questions too! Only God Can Make a Kitten is the perfect book to read with your child after an afternoon outdoors as you discover the wonder of God’s creation. Told in rhythm it will lull even a restless little one into a snuggle.

How else can you encourage your child’s natural curiosity? One of my favorite ways is to intentionally spend time outdoors.

Here are some tips on exploring what God has created and encouraging your child’s curiosity on your next outdoor adventure together:

Choose a spot to sit. You’ll be surprised what you discover if you stay in one place for a while. Find a place close to home that you can return to often and make observations about the different times of day or seasons in that exact spot.

Be still and patient. Stop for a moment and use your senses to listen, look, smell, and feel what’s around you.

Make comparisons. Take time to examine the differences in the bark of various trees. Notice which flowers can be found exclusively in shady and which in sunny areas. Observe which blossoms that open and close with the sun and which do not.

Learn more. Go to the library or look up online interesting facts about the plants, animals, and bugs you’ve observed.

Record what you discover. Grab a journal or a notebook to bring with you on your explorations to record what you find. Encourage your child to either draw or write the observations! A camera is also a great way to capture the glory of God’s creation. You can print the pictures and add them to your journal next to corresponding notes.

Exploring nature and what God has created can be fun anytime of the year. In the spring you’ll find wildflowers, trees with budding leaves, nests, and baby birds. The summer brings colorful flowers, bees, long meadow grass, and bugs. In autumn you’ll notice the changing color of leaves, acorns, and mushrooms. Last, but not least, winter displays life under ice, winter birds, and animal tracks in the snow.

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Your Turn

Spring is upon us and it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and discovered all that God had created for us to enjoy. How do you encourage your child’s curiosity this time of year? Leave your comments on our blog. We’d love to hear from you!