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Faith Commander Author Chat Replay Video

We sat down for a live chat with Faith Commander bible study co-authors Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard and learned so much more about the family behind the Duck Dynasty TV show, not to mention their new Faith Commander 5 week Church Curriculum for adults, teens and children.

Korie and Chrys shared everything from their family’s unique living situation to how they chose who to feature in each of the Faith Commander DVD lessons during our live chat together. The ladies also gave great encouragement and inspiration.

Highlights from the Author Chat

  • Chrys’ mom’s words of wisdom she continues to live by today
  • The difference between forgiveness and RADICAL forgiveness
  • How the family handles money & fame with their kids
  • The Bible study that’s touched their lives most
  • What every Robertson son did before working for Duck Commander
  • Why Chrys & Korie wrote this Bible study now
  • How their kids feel about church
  • What’s next for the Robertson family

Faith Commander Bible Study Church Kit

At 22:30 in the replay video, Sami Cone, Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard walk through the Faith Commander Church Campaign that includes:

  • Video bible study for adults featuring each of the main Duck Dynasty characters
  • Video bible study for teens featuring the Robertson’s teen children
  • Video bible study for children featuring cartoon characters from the Duck Dynasty show
  • Faith Commander book
  • Materials to promote the bible study in your church

Click here to learn more about the Faith Commander Church kit

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