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Family Devotions for Kids: Remember Whose You Are

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Over the past years we have acquired many beautiful books from Tommy Nelson that have helped in our family devotions for kids. I can trust that when a book is published by Tommy Nelson it is of the highest quality, and that my children will enjoy it.

Two books, however, stand out in our collection of books. They are books that are used each and every day in our home, and they are books that help us get our day started on the right foot – walking with God.

One of the books is geared more towards my younger son (he’s 8), and the other my older daughter and I enjoy.

First, let me tell you about the morning routine in our home.

I homeschool my children and each day starts the same way. Everyone meets at the breakfast table (after a couple of cups of coffee for mom!) and we eat together and share devotions. We keep a stack on our breakfast room window seat of three things: two devotion books and our Bible.

This routine serves many purposes, but the biggest is to remind my kids at the start of each and every day WHOSE they are and where they need to keep their eyes fixed that day – on Jesus!

The two devotions for kids books that I rely on each and every day:

1. Grace for the Moment (for kids) consists of sweet devotions for kids each day of the year. Each day offers a new theme, Bible verse, and then a short talking point. I find this book is a great jumping off point for breakfast table discussion and usually leads us to further study of God’s word.

Don’t you love it when during the day, your child refers back to something that was read in the morning devotion? Yep. Grace for the Moment for Kids is that kind of book.

2. Jesus Calling (teen edition) is our second favorite book.

I’m being selfish here, because it’s really MY favorite book. Again, Jesus Calling has 365 devotions. They are short and sweet, but oh do they pack a spiritual punch.

Written as Jesus speaking to YOU, each devotion contains such beautiful and encouraging nuggets of truth. Each day consists of a devotion, verse, and further verses for study.

Starting my day off with my family, these two devotions, and a cup of coffee, gets me headed in the perfect direction: with my eyes firmly fixed on Christ.

Your Turn

How do you help your kids remember whose they are? What are some of your favorite family devotions for kids?