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Floods of Tears

Floods of Tears

Floods of Tears

Record my misery; list my tears on Your scroll — are they not in Your record? — Psalm 56:8

When too much pressure is put on the heart, tears are its safety valve. No matter how hard we try to control ourselves, sometimes there’s just no stopping tears. Though we may try to sandbag our emotions, sooner or later the wall breaks and the tears come flooding through. They may erupt when we hear a favorite song, smell a familiar cologne, or see a family picture and remember how much we miss our loved one. Tears are unpredictable. They may surface in the middle of the night, in the middle of the grocery store, or in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes they come for no apparent reason at all.

One “flash flood” occurred for me at an out-of-state conference. Fifteen of us had gathered in the living room of a turn-of-the-century mansion for our closing session. Though we had been strangers when we had arrived just days earlier, I realized by the constant buzz of conversation that friendships had already been kindled. When the leader signaled it was time to begin, I noticed she had placed a large, antique chair in the middle of the room. One by one, she asked each of us to take our turn sitting in the chair while the rest of us showered that person with encouraging words and prayer.

When my turn came, I sat down and looked at the caring eyes that surrounded me. Something about this felt familiar. Immediately I began to weep.

Why was I reacting this way? Then it hit me. The last time I had sat in a circle like this had been a month before my baby’s death. My friends had gathered to give me an “encouragement shower” to help me face my baby’s birth and impending death. My flashback triggered a flash flood.

That’s the mystery of grief; it’s personal and unique.

No two people grieve exactly the same way.

But most (if not all) will say that the journey through the valley of tears is normal and necessary. So grab a tissue (or a box or two), and allow your tears to relieve the pressure from your hurting heart.

Lord, I’m crying again. Will my tears ever stop? Your ledger for my tears must be overflowing. Because You created tears and You wept when Your friend Lazarus died, I know it’s okay to cry. You know my heart is breaking, and You understand my pain. Please comfort me today and help me trust You through the flash flood of tears. Amen.

Excerpted with permission from Grieving the Loss of a Loved One by Kathe Wunnenberg, copyright Kathe Wunnenberg.

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Your Turn

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? If so, you are well-acquainted with tears and in good company. Jesus understands grief and He longs to comfort you in yours. Come share your thoughts with us on our blog. We want to hear from you! ~ Devotionals Daily