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Galatians Online Bible Study — That’s a Wrap!

Galatians Online Bible Study — That’s a Wrap!

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. — Galatians 2:20-21

There is nothing in your past, in your future, that you have done, or that has been done to you that will ever be stronger than the promise of Jesus Christ. ~ Jada

Hey, friends! It’s wrap-up week and we are here. for. it! I have loved the Galatians study so much so I just can’t wait to review all the videos and go through my notes. You too? Grab all your stuff and catch up if you need too, people, because we want to squeeze every last drop out of this study.

Note: You still have access to all the videos for one more week — now through Sunday 6/27/21. Need more time? Sign up for the free 7-day trial at to access the entire Galatians: Accepted and Free study! With a subscription (just $7.95/month for individuals), you’ll have unlimited access to more than 2,500 video Bible studies from leading pastors and Bible teachers!

Plus, you’ll find on three other studies with Jada (with one more coming next year!).

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The Known by Name series explores complex women in the Bible and their struggles with tough questions through the lenses of a counselor, a Bible teacher, and a dramatist. We hope you’ll check these out.

So, let’s look back at everything we’ve learned in Galatians. What have been your key take-aways? I have some big ones, but I think the biggest is just the basic that I am fully accepted in Christ. My soul can’t hear that too often.

The Word of God says it. I’m secure and you, in Jesus, are completely secure. It’s all about Jesus. Full stop. Jesus.

What else can we do with that information but dedicate ourselves wholly and unreservedly to Him? My life is His to do with what He wills.

Nothing gives us the acceptance that Jesus has already given. ~ Jada

When the enemy slithers in to whisper lies, we have to remind ourselves of the truth because the thoughts that we think about Jesus are important. It’s vital that we think correctly about Him or we can (and sometimes do) spend our lives trying to earn something that’s ours for the taking! We have to know His love and acceptance of us in order to walk in the freedom He stepped into human flesh to bring us.

No one else gets to stand in the way of my joy in pleasing Him… which, by the way, is easy since He is already delighted with His kids! Doesn’t that just make your heart swell?

Accepted –> authority through Jesus Christ

When you stand on acceptance in Jesus and His authority, what on earth could possibly shake you or break you? Nothing!

Acceptance prepares us for assignment!

You must accept God’s acceptance before you can understand your assignment! ~ Jada

God put His name tag on you the moment He created you. He made me and said, “She’s Mine.” He made you and said, “Would you look at My awesome kid?!”

What a relief! It means that the messes we make, the sins we get stuck in, the mistakes that trip us up… aren’t permanent stains. God the Father hears our repentance, cleans us up, and then our lives bring glory to Him as we share our redemption stories in relationship with others. AMEN!

Living for God is always done in community, never in isolation. ~ Jada

You are important. Your story is important. Your freedom is important. That’s why the enemy stalks you! If the devil can shut us down by taunting us into forgetting our freedom, then hope dwindles worldwide. That’s how vital to the Kingdom you are!

YOU are called. I am called. Don’t be silenced. Don’t be veered in direction. Don’t let the enemy hijack your freedom. Faith in Christ Jesus makes us completely clean in Him. All of us who believe in Him. All of our sin. No matter how nasty. Keep those facts in your head, friends!

The enemy doesn’t care if you have freedom. If you’re not living like you’re free, then his plan can still be accomplished. ~ Jada

Stay the course. Keep the faith. The world will constantly try to pull at us, tug at us, and even subtly veer us away from being wholly Jesus-oriented so we have to keep our focus!

Very often what will lead us astray won’t be the obvious black-and-white truths that many of us feel comfortable with. It will be the subtle shades of gray where we become charmed or bewitched, where we just slightly drift one step at a time away from what we know is true. ~ Jada

Even when we’re troublesome, difficult and frustrating, God chooses us to be His people! Isn’t that dumbfounding? He loves us because we’re His kids!

You can’t undo it. You will always have a place at His table. ~ Jada

If we don’t know how accepted we are by God, we can go after some kind of worldly acceptance that will never, ever fill the God-hole in our souls that He was meant to fill.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. — Galatians 5:1

We have been set free in Christ Jesus! We’re not slaves anymore. We’re not slaves to the world and we’re not slaves to perfectionism. Let that be a relief to all of us who’ve been under burdens of every kind for so long!

Freedom is not circumstantial. You’re free. Period. Freedom is not conditional. God chose to give it to us.

The sign over our lives says, “For Freedom. Paid by Jesus.”

Christ has set you free but you have to stay free. ~ Jada

The Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE. Love guards us, protects us, keeps us and others safe, and keeps us sane!

Walking in the Spirit is not something that’s meant to be intimidating. It’s not this lofting idea. It’s just listening to the next thing the Holy Spirit tells you to do. ~ Jada

We’ve been set free to have a life of freedom to please God in all that we do.

Love your neighbor as yourself. — Galatians 5:14

This is our calling, friends… to love God and to love others. Keep going! Keep doing good! You are accepted. You are free! Give it away in Jesus’ name! Amen.