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God Isn’t Afraid to Get Down in the Dirt

God Isn’t Afraid to Get Down in the Dirt

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.Genesis 2:7

The story of creation is an incredible one. For so many reasons. But mostly — at least for me — because it shows so beautifully the unmatched worth we have in God’s eyes.

God spoke everything into existence, which is a whole mind-blowing thing all on its own: “Let there be...” and there was.

God was balanced between time and eternity — forming galaxies, zebras, mountains, and starfish with His very words. He spoke, and they were created. Something out of nothing.

When it came to His creation of humankind, however, He changed things up.

  • Instead of speaking us into existence, as He did with everything else, He chose to form us in His own image.

I close my eyes: “Fearfully and wonderfully,” He made us (Psalm 139:14). I’ve seen pictures of some pretty amazing sand sculptures, but I’d say that God’s takes first prize.

And then He breathed into us.

Face-to-face, we inhaled His exhale. Our first breath came from the very mouth of God. I cannot even fathom the worth — the wealth — of that breath of life.

When my life is a mess or it feels like there’s no end in sight to the challenges I’m facing, it’s easy to think that God is far removed from it all. When the nights are long and the darkness closes in, His presence doesn’t always feel very present. But just as He was with Adam in Genesis, He is right here in the dirt with me.

Regardless of what I feel, He never leaves me.

He never forsakes me. He doesn’t just watch me from afar; He sits right down in the messy chaos with me.

When I remember that He made me in His image, it’s easier to trust that He is intimately involved in my life, even when I can’t see Him. And it makes me want to open my eyes wide and look for Him in unexpected places.

Like right here in the dirt.


  • That you will remember to look for God where you normally don’t expect to see Him at work.
  • That you will feel His presence in new and intimate ways.
  • That you will experience His matchless love and let that overflow onto those around you.


In what unexpected places can you see God at work right now?

God, You are close, as near as my own breath. Today, I pray that I will reach out for Your hand and embrace Your presence in each moment.

Excerpted with permission from Prayers to Help You Thrive, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

We can feel like God is far removed from us even during the Christmas season when the message of Jesus becoming Immanuel, God with us, is everywhere we look. Today, look closer and ask God to reveal where He is at work in your life, even if it’s someplace unexpected! ~ Devotionals Daily