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He Got It Just Right: Reminding Your Kids They Are Special

He Got It Just Right: Reminding Your Kids They Are Special

If you’re anything like me and my kids, just hearing the first few notes of the VeggieTales theme song makes you want to jump up and dance and sing. We love VeggieTales! We have watched and read so many of the movies and stories and have enjoyed them all. Each story has a great lesson based on a Bible story but is told in a way that kids can relate to.

When I was in youth group, I volunteered to help out with summer camp. In addition to helping teach the classes I also got up on stage and played Bob the Tomato in one of the VeggieTales stories. It was so much fun bringing to life the silly song ‘The Dance of the Cucumber’ along with Larry. Now I get to re-live all those stories with my kids and continue to enjoy the new ones. Together we learn lessons about self-confidence, patience, overcoming jealousy, telling the truth, and understanding that God has a plan for you. One of our favorite stories is God Made You Special. Here’s a small quote to explain why:

He thought it all over.

He got it just right.

You make Him happy—

you are His delight.

When you look in the mirror,

you’ll see His touch…

‘cause God made you special,

and He loves you very much!

Each child needs to know that God loves them so much and that no matter what is different about them, He has a purpose for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11). Kids in school see differences as being a bad thing. Bullies use these opportunities to pick on kids for what is different about them.

I love that these books remind children that their differences are from God and make them special. Self-confidence can be a struggle, but Junior shows children that they can overcome their fears in the story Junior Battles to Be His Best. Junior is always learning great things about God’s love. As Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales along with Phil Vischer said, “We want to tell stories from a biblical world view, a world view that assumes that there is a God who made us, who loves us and wants a relationship with us. Every story that we tell is told from that perspective.”

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