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Helping Your Unique Kids Connect with God's Word

Helping Your Unique Kids Connect with God's Word

In my years as an elementary music teacher, I caught a glimpse of the variety of ways in which children learn. I knew there were certain kids who connected with lessons differently and I enjoyed the challenge of tailoring lessons to help all children understand, no matter their learning style.

Becoming a parent shed a whole new light on learning styles. All three of my boys connect in unique ways to school work, books, music, movies, and so on. I witnessed this firsthand as we homeschooled, but I also noticed the differences as we read the Bible and family devotions. One child might love to listen to a story, but another might need to be active and do something hands-on to really get interested. One boy loved learning Bible verses through song and another could memorize just by looking at the verse several times.

I was never terribly into comic books or graphic novels growing up, so when I started to see Bible-related graphic novels, I didn’t really understand the appeal. But my sons did.

When my then eight-year-old son opened up an illustrated, comic book-style Bible for the first time, he was instantly drawn to it, and had a newfound interest in Sunday school stories he had heard many times before. He was coming to me every day to say, “Mom, did you know this…?!” It was just what he needed at the time to connect with Scripture and I am so thankful.

When the new Bible Force: The First Heroes Bible arrived at our home recently, I had a similar experience to those moments with my oldest son years ago. I saw the eyes of my younger two boys light up. They are engrossed in the Bible stories and reading profiles of biblical heroes, such as Ezra, Ruth, John the Baptist, Gideon, and more. The illustrations are eye-catching and depict the stories so well. It is the perfect story Bible for your visual learner, but it also comes with a free audio app for a child who doesn’t read yet or wants to listen as they look through the book.

God is so creative. He made each of us uniquely so that we connect with Him in different ways. We shouldn’t be surprised when we need to get creative to show His amazing love to our kids! I’ve stopped resisting things that didn’t make sense to me and instead asked God to help me be open to His leading and to show me how to help my kids connect with His Word. To the followers of Jesus who have used their God-given talents to bring the Word to life, this mom says thank you.

Your Turn

What ways do your kids learn best? How have you tried to help them engage with God’s Word? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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