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Honor Your Father with a Scrapbook

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We often hear people say “Honor Your Father and Mother”, but what does that truly look like lived out on a daily basis? It’s important that our children’s father feel honored, loved and respected each day of the year. We naturally, however, think of doing something extra special for fathers in June.

A precious gift my husband received is always proudly displayed on the coffee table: a scrapbook I made for him almost nine years ago, when our youngest was four and our baby was not even one.

A scrapbook for dad is such a beautiful way to preserve memories, express family members’ feelings, and have a tangible reminder all year long of how important that special man is in our lives.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Mine was simply 16 pages (in a small 8×8 format), but it came from my HEART. I remember scrapbooking furiously during nap times for several weeks, and I was always sure to tuck it all away in a secret place so my husband wouldn’t see my special project!

If you aren’t a scrapbooker, never fear. You can find many cute 8×8 kits at your local craft store. Simply pick one with a design you like and add pictures.

fathers day scrapbook craft

Ideas for a Father’s Day Scrapbook

You can include pictures, hand-prints, trinkets, quotes from your children about their dad, and poems.

One of my favorite poems is What Makes a Dad. I printed this poem and used it on a page with one simple picture of my daughter and husband. That scrapbook page took about 10 minutes!

Another poem I included was Daddy, I Love You. This was printed and used on a page with a picture of my son and husband. Again – easy and effective.

I love to include handwritten sentiments in scrapbooks as well. I made sure to write from my heart to my husband about what he means to me and our children. I look back on these words nine years later and they still ring true and have deepened in meaning. What a gift this is!

Perhaps your children want to write notes to their dad to include in the scrapbook. The more personalized this project is, the better!

Finally, I included a pocket at the back of the scrapbook where we save Father’s Day cards each year. It’s so much fun to look back on the kids’ signatures, drawings, and funny things they have said.

father with kids picture

Honor Your Father

Our children’s fathers need to feel cherished and honored.
Present them with their scrapbook on Father’s Day and watch their face light up. I look at the above picture of my husband and children and it just makes us all happy. Each Father’s Day we pull out the scrapbook and honor dad. We talk about how he shepherds us down the right path as a family and we are THANKFUL.
The righteous who walks in his integrity – blessed are his children after him. — Proverbs 20:7

Your Turn

Whether a father, grandfather, uncle or someone who’s filled the role of dad in our life, most of us have someone who comes to mind during this time of year that we can take time to honor. How do you honor the dads in your life?
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