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Hope During Unemployment

Hope During Unemployment

I lost my job!

I was jolted by my husband’s words.

Later that morning when he arrived home, I hugged him, then listened to him share the details of this unexpected happening. His position was eliminated due to budget cuts in defense spending.

I encouraged him to take time to grieve the loss of his job. Over the next few days emotions surfaced — disbelief, fear, anger, and sadness. Questions flooded our minds. How would we survive? My income could not sustain us. What steps should we take?

When someone you know loses a job, here’s how you can offer hope during their unemployment:

  • Pray and enlist others to pray. “I know the plans I have for _______, declares the Lord … plans to give hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). Invite God to open the person’s heart to be willing to trust, have courage, and persevere.
  • Grieve the loss. Job loss hurts. Feel the pain.
  • Replenish. Losing a job is emotionally draining. If you have a cabin or time share, offer it to the person for a weekend or a week away for rest and refocus.
  • Give personal favorites. Make a meal, yummy dessert, or provide a gift card to a favorite restaurant, sporting event, movie, or bookstore. If the person has a hobby, show up with supplies.
  • Develop strategic support. Enlist people or organizations like Career Connectors ( to help. Who offers expertise in résumé writing? Interviewing? Human resources? Job search? Life coaching? Personal finance?
  • Don’t offer advice unless asked. Be sensitive to how and when to offer ideas.
  • Celebrate the small stuff. Job hunting is hard work. Acknowledge accomplishments. Go for ice cream.

Finally, if you are a colleague as well as a friend of the person who lost their job, be sensitive to their hurt but do not avoid them. Reassure them that your friendship will continue outside the workplace, then take steps to make sure that happens.

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Your Turn

How can you love and support someone you know who has lost their job? If you are the one who is underemployed or still searching for employment, what are you doing during this season to stay encouraged and trust God wholeheartedly? We would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments and thoughts on our blog. ~ Devotionals Daily